1966 East High Yearbook

I uploaded the Orient 1966. That is the yearbook for East High School in Rochester. This has a large senior class. There are pictures of 446 seniors and 24 without pictures. No pictures of students in the under classes except if they were in some sports or activities. I noticed that there are 6 sets of twins in this class.

Seniors in this class would be about age 70 today. That means that majority of them are probably still alive.

My scanner misses about 3/8 inch on the bound edge. So if a picture runs across two pages, part of the image may be missing. That would explain some  pages with people on the edge that are only half there.

Rochester Public Library has yearbooks for East High from 1904 to 1940 on their “School Heritage Collection” web page. I am able to scan later dates because there wasn’t any copyright notice in this yearbook.