WDYTYA – Hilary Duff

I almost forgot that there is another episode of Who Do You Think You Are? on tonight. It is about the ancestors of Hilary Duff. She first came to prominence as the star of Lizzie McGuire (2001 – 2004) on the Disney Channel. She is grown up now and has been married, had a son and is already divorced. She has been on the show Younger since 2015. New episodes of that series are currently being shown on the channel TV Land.

Hilary ends up visiting Bath and Washington, NC where an ancestor in the early 1700s bravely led an American colony to battle a gang of pirates including the infamous Blackbeard.

She also gets to go to Dunfermline, Scotland because they able to trace her family all the way back to the early 1300s.

WDYTYA airs at 9 p.m. (eastern and western times) on TLC . There are old episodes on before and after this new episode.