WDYTYA – Jean Smart

You know Jean Smart from the series Designing Women (1986 – 1991). Since then she has been on other TV series, movies, and on the stage.

Jean wants to find out more about her mother’s family. They are able to go back to jean’s 8th great grandmother, Dorcas (Galley) Hoar. Dorcas was arrested for stealing everything from money, to jewels to a large pig from the Rev. John Hale of Beverley. Mass. Dorcas was later accused of witchcraft in 1692. She was found guiltily but that is not the end of her story.

This is the season finally of Who Do You Think You Are?. That is only six episodes this year. The episode airs on TLC at 9 pm (eastern & western times).  Also look for older episodes both before and after this new episode.