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Summer recreation for the kids included sporting contests in 1968. Did any of you get a trophy at the Junior Olympics?

Don’t buy that ’63 Ford Falcon station wagon that is for sale in the ad. It could have been the one that my family had. It had many problems including burning out two starters in two years.

The Honeoye Falls Times

Thursday, July 25, 1968

Playgrounders Will Vie in Monroe County Jr. Olympics Qualifying Events at Manor School Field This Friday

Friday will be Junior Olympic Day at the Mendon-Honeoye Falls Playground and this year Recreation Director William Farrell points out the events will have special significance. Winners will go to the Monroe County Inter-town Olympics at Pittsford next Wednesday.

There will be relay races, races at various distances, a softball throw, and basketball foul-shooting for both boys and girls in age groups 7-8, 9-10, and 11-12. Director Farrell expects about 20 boys and 20 girls to qualify for the county meet from Friday’s events.

There will be a parade in Pittsford beginning at 9 a.m. and led by a Monroe County Band. The first Olympic event is expected to go on at 9:45 at the athletic field at Pittsford’s High School.

This is the fourth year for the inter-town Junior Olympics, but the first year that Mendon-Honeoye Falls has entered. Winners of events will receive trophies.

Thursday of this week there will be two trips from the local playground.

The elementary trip on Thursday morning will be to Letchworth Park.

The teenage trip will be to see the movie “Dr. Doolittle” at the Riviera Theater. The price is $2 general admission, and $1.50 for 13-year-olds.

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  1. My first car was a 1969 Ford Falcon 4 door sedan that had been bought new by my grandparents for my grandmother’s first car. She was a grandma when she learned to drive. I didn’t know until 2000 that my grandfather was the Secretary-Treasurer of Judge’s Ford dealership on Lake Ave. in Rochester since 1954. He became V.P. in 1971 and a 1/2 owner (after Mr. Judge died childless) and died in 1973. I got the car in 1974 when my grandmother bought a bigger car. I owned the car for a few years and it ran beautifully-not like your family’s Falcon station wagon. It was in two accidents while I had it. The first accident was not my fault, the second one was (cars stopped on Stone Rd. and I was looking down Sheraton and I ran into the back of another car). That was the end of my free car. Those were the days!

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