Ontario Beach Park – #13

The map of the Ontario Beach area came from a 1902 Monroe County Plat Book by J. M. Lathrop & Co. of Philadelphia. I noticed that the Scenic Railway is not on the map. It would have been along the Genesee River between the beach and the Harris Pavilion. Notice also the smaller hotels that were around the corner of Lake Ave. and Beach Ave.

In 1902 the Park opened on May 30th. New, the Eden Musee is to be occupied by “Poses Plastique,” a cinematograph and electra. The Hotel Ontario will serving a bicycle breakfast. Still at the beach, the carousel, Scenic Railway, another smaller roller coaster, bathing in the lake and lots of places to get a beer.

Most of the summer the band of Theodore Dossenbach will be playing both afternoon and evening. They did take a couple weeks off in August when there was a visiting band. Bands were always a big draw to the park, especially as you didn’t have to pay extra to hear the band. There were some programs of selections being played printed in the local newspapers. This is the program for afternoon and evening Aug 27, 1902:

  • AFTERNOON – 2 to 4 p. m.
  • March – “Soldiers and Sweetheart” by Hall
  • Overture to “Mariata” by Wallace
  • Selection from “Carmen” by Bizet
  • Paraphrase – “Deep Cellar” by Lovenberg
  • Medley – “Old Indian” by Chattaway
  • March – “Billboard” by Klohr
  • Overture to “Rienzi” by Wagner
  • Vocal solo (C. J. Campbell) – Selection from “The Chaperones” by Whitmark
  • Paraphrase – “Old Kentucky Home”
  • Medley – “Blaze Away” by Smith
  • EVENING – 6 to 8:45 p. m.
  • March (comic) – “Trombone Sneeze
  • Overture – “Summer Night’s Dream” by Suppe
  • “Peer Gynt” suite – “Morning” and “In the Hall of the Mountain King” by Grieg
  • Selection – “Hoily Toity” by Stromberg
  • Vocal solo (C. J. Campbell) – Selection from “The Strollers” by Englander
  • March – “The Searchlight” by Munnell
  • Overture – “Semiramide” by Rossini
  • Piccolo solo (Frank W. Schrader) – “Favorite” by Buechel
  • Selection = “Sultan of Sulu” by Withall
  • “The Merrymakers” by DeWitt
  • “A Morning in Noah’s Ark” by Rollinson

Below is a “video” of the Billboard March” by John N. Klohr. This would have been a new song as he first published it in 1901 and the Dossenbach Band was already playing it in 1902. It is described as a circus march.

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