Holy Redeemer Booklet

I uploaded a small booklet that has some history of Holy Redeemer RC Church. It was formed in 1876 with a mostly German congregation. This booklet was to celebrate the 100th anniversary. By that time membership had dwindle considerably. The former members had almost all moved to the suburbs. In March 1985 Holy Redeemer merged with St. Francis Xavier Church and closed down the Holy Redeemer building. Even that combine of the two parishes didn’t get very many members and closed down in 2008.

The old church building sat idle from 1985 and it came close to being knocked down. In 1988 the building was purchased by Northside Church of Christ and it is still that church today.

The pictures in this booklet are pretty bad. It looks as if they used a copy machine to reproduce the pictures. I checked both WoldCat and the Rochester Public Library and neither have this booklet listed in their catalog.

There is another history of Holy Redeemer that was published in 1917. It is 136 pages. It is supposed to be online from the Rochester Public Library but the link to it is not currently available. RPL is having many problems with their online books.


  1. Dick,

    I am unable to view anything but the cover of this booklet. What am I doing wrong?


  2. Very interesting, Bert. When I started reading the history I saw the name Fr. Edwin Metzger and was sure I’d seen it recently. Sure enough. His death notice was in the Rochester D&C on July 6. Just thought it was an interesting coincidence.

  3. I’m curious where the two churches were. Dick, could you include addresses, if available, when you post about buildings? Thanks.

    • Holy Redeemer was on the northeast corner of Hudson and Clifford Avenues. St. Francis Xavier Church was NOT close by. It was at about 290 Bay Street (opposite where Third Street ends). It is now Al Rahman Mosque.

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