Old News – Carnival

This isn’t a very big news story but I wanted to use the ad for the Barnard Fireman’s Carnival. I have lived in the Barnard neighborhood for 28 years. The opening night had a fireman’s parade with units from all over the county. Then the second night was tie children’s parade. The Barnard Carnival continued until just a few years ago when costs of insurance and police enforcement got too high for it to continue. Maybe some day it will return.

There are still carnivals in other Towns this time of year.

Is that clown in the ad a happy clown or a creepy clown?

Greater Greece Press

Thursday, July 11, 1968

Children’s Parade Slated Tonight

More than 400 youngsters, wearing gay, grotesque and comical costumes, will provide the major attraction tonight at the Barnard Fire Department Carnival.

They will assemble at 6:45 p.m. in the St. Charles School parking area. Headed by the Barnard Band, they will march into Dewey Avenue and over Pomona Drive to the carnival grounds adjacent to the Exempts Club where a staff of keen-eyed judges will pick winners and award prizes.

Among the features of the carnival, which opened last night with the traditional parade of firemen’s units, are a variety of midway rides, tent exhibits, refreshment booths and amusements.

The carnival will continue tomorrow night and Saturday night.

Werner Kraemer heads the committee with Rudy Minier serving as co-chairman, George Schultz is secretary.