Hit Songs of 1968 – #25

Gary Puckett and the Union Gap were back again with another hit. This time it was “Lady Willpower” and it was written by Jerry Fuller that also wrote “Young Girl” and “Over You” for the group. This song is about a guy wants to take a relationship to the next level but the lady isn’t willing.

Gary Puckett had been playing with bands since High School. The Union Gap was formed in 1967. In 1969 they had a hit with “This Girl is a Woman Now.” It would be their last hit and they soon faded away. The group split for good in 1971.

Gary Puckett is playing many dates this summer as part of the “Happy Together” Tour with other groups from the 60s. That tour didn’t make it to anyplace near here this summer. He is playing 12 concerts in Australia in Feb. 2019. His website has everything including a store to buy CDs, autographed pictures and T-shirts.

“Lady Willpower” was at the top of the Cash Box record chart for just the week of July 28 – Aug. 3. It was number one on theRecord World 100 Top Pops for the week of Aug. 4 – 10. On the Billboard Hot 100 chart it only got up to the #2 spot but for two weeks (July 14 – 27).