Another Kodak Employee Magazine

I recently uploaded the Sept. 1926 issue of The Kodak Magazine. This issue has a few pictures of employee picnics. The picture on right is the picnic of the “Stock Record” department (whatever that was).

Kodak had magazines and newsletters for employees for over 100 years. The earliest was Kodak Park Bulletin which was published from 1898 to May 1920.  I have 13 issues linked to on my Kodak publication page. The Rochester Public Library has issues from Jan. 1917 to May 1920. The library at George Eastman House has random issues from Jan. 1914 to May 1920.

Then there was Camera Works Bulletin that was published from 1910 to May 1920. I only have three issues online. Rochester Public Library only has two issues. The George Eastman House has issues from May 1914 to May 1920.

Those two separate magazines were combined and starting in June 1920 there was published The Kodak Magazine that continued until mid 1944. I have scanned many of those magazines. Kodak gave their collection of this magazine to the Rare Books and Manuscripts Department of the Rush Rhees Library at U. of R. They have almost all of those magazines. Rochester Public Library seems to only have the first four years.

Then came the newspaper that many people in this are are familiar with; Kodakery. I have scanned a good size collection of these mostly from the 1940s. Rochester Public library appears to have the entire run of the newspaper from mid 1943 to Dec. 2005. The collection of Kodakery originally in the Kodak library also went to the Rare Books and Manuscripts Department. I can’t determine how many issues that they have.

These magazines and newspapers were for US employees. There are other items for Canadian employees.


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  1. Thank you Dick! Looks like my grandfather in the middle of the bottom row. May I save a copy of the image?

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