Ontario Beach Park – #23

I have had the above postcard for many years but never haven’t been able to figure out the date until now. By amusements that it includes and ones it does not include, I am sure that it represents 1908. Notice how the artist totally ignores the rest of the Village of Charlotte and instead makes it look like open country.

I have added numbers in bright violet that will identify, as best as possible, what each are:

  1. Scenic Railroad, the long roller coaster.
  2. The House that Jack Built (to the left of Scenic RR), a fun house.
  3. The open air stage.
  4. Building that houses ostriches. Also note them racing around the track.
  5. The Bandstand.
  6. The Circle Swing (later called Flying Airships).
  7. Bath house.
  8. Fighting the Flames, a fire fighting show.
  9. Helter Skelter, a circular slide.
  10. not sure
  11. The Auditorium.
  12. Hotel Ontario.
  13. not sure
  14. Probably the Canals of Venice building.
  15. The German Village.
  16. The Dentzel Carousel.
  17. The roller coaster.
  18. The main entrance.
  19. Japanese Garden
  20. Mini Railroad (very small and hard to see).

If you want to see all the installments so far, here are links to all the parts:

    1. The early days.
    2. Two hotels built in the 1870s.
    3. Railroad buys beach land and Hotel Ontario built.
    4. 1885 first rides appear.
    5. 1886 – 1888 Seasons.
    6. 1889 & 1890 Seasons.
    7. 1891 – 1893 Seasons.
    8. 1894 – 1895 Seasons. The Auditorium is built.
    9. 1896 Season. New toboggan & ferris wheel.
    10. 1897 – 1898 Seasons.
    11. 1899 – 1900 Seasons.
    12. 1901 – Scenic Railroad added.
    13. 1902 Season and map.
    14. 1902 attractions.
    15. 1903 Season.
    16. 1904 Season.
    17. New rides in 1905.
    18. 1905 Season.
    19. 1906 Season and new ownership.
    20. 1907 new attractions.
    21. 1907 vaudeville acts and other amusements.
    22. 1908 Season.


  1. Thanks Dick, these have been very informative. It was quite the place to go with the family way back then and still is for many families. I have several photos of my grandmother with her siblings and aunt in bathing suits from the 1920s at the beach and since they always lived in Rochester it must be Charlotte.

  2. This is wonderful, Dick! I’ve often seen this postcard, and not known exactly what I was looking at, and so you key to the parts is so helpful.
    I hope you’ll bet continuing this fantastic Ontario Beach series!

  3. Loving this series also. I was there yesterday for the Monroe County senior beach party. Lots of fun but 110 years ago seems a bit more interesting.

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