Carthage History

I uploaded the booklet Historical Souvenir of the Valley of the Genesee by Elon Huntington Hooker. It is the text of an address that he gave in 1933. It is about the history of and his recollections of Carthage. That was an early settlement that was later absorbed by the City of Rochester. It was centered around the present day corner of St. Paul Blvd. and Norton Street. There was a curved path from Carthage that went down to a landing on the Genesee River. That made it a small port from which goods could be sent down the river and onto the lake. Mr. Hooker grew up in the area and had ancestors that lived in Carthage in the early days. He tells of events that are not in any other history.

You still can get down to Carthage Landing. Go north on Seth Green Drive and park just before the apartment complex. You can take the trail down to the river where usually there are people fishing.

This booklet is only in 5 libraries and all in New York State. This scanned booklet is now available to everyone.

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  1. Hi Dick,
    Thank you! The information in this booklet is very interesting, and it also helped me with my research. Some of the references I have found about an ancestor in the early 1800’s said he lived in Carthage, and others said he lived in Dublin. This booklet tells about both of them, and now I know it was really Dublin.

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