Hit Songs of 1968 – #28

The Rascals are back with another number one hit. “People Just Got to Be Free” was written by group members Felix Cavaliere and Eddie Brigati. It came out soon after the assassinations of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy. This would be the last number one hit by the group.

The Rascals also put out their album; Time Peace: The Rascals’ Greatest Hits in 1968 so they were at the top of their popularity. The group would start to fall apart in 1970 when members started leaving. I think I mentioned it before, but about 10 years ago there were two groups that were touring calling themselves The Rascals; each with some original members. All four original members did get together for a few reunion concerts in 2013.

“People Just Got to Be Free” was on the top of the Billboard Hot 100 record chart for 5 weeks; July 28 – Sept. 14th. Then on the Cash Box chart is was number one for 3 weeks (Aug. 18 – Sept. 7th).

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  1. And from a page about the Skycoasters (a Rochester band ): “Born in 1944, in Ottawa, Canada, Gene and his mother moved to Rochester, NY when he was a young boy.

    By 1959, he was 15 and had earned a reputation as a talented guitarist. By then, he was fronting his own band, Gene Cornish & The Satellites, with boyhood friend, Pat Proietti. While attending Ben Franklin High School, he started a vocal group called The Nobles, and eventually put out a few records under his own name.

    In 1964, he moved to New York City”.

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