Mt. Hope Cem. Tombstones

William Carter first burial

All the legible tombstones in Mt. Hope Cemetery in Rochester have been copied. I copied all the tombstones in the older sections in the 1980s when I was a lot younger and could get up and down the hills. Then Karen Dau said that she wanted to copy all the tombstones in the newer ranges. She has been working on transcribing all those tombstones for 12 years and now has completed all the ranges. All the tombstone lists are linked to on the Mt. Hope web page.

In every cemetery there are those people buried there without a tombstone.I suspect that in Mt. Hope only about 80% of burials have a tombstone. That is overall. In some lots like the public grounds only 10% of burials have a tombstone.

We are very lucky to have good burial records for Mt. Hope going back to the first burial in 1838 (see picture). You can search all the records from 1838 to 2002 on this web page from the University of Rochester. If you haven’t done a search before on this page, read the instructions because it is a different search system.

Then there are Mt. Hope lot maps that were digitized by Rochester Genealogical Society. They will help to show burial locations in family plots.

Put all these records together and you are sure to find great information on your relatives buried in Mt. Hope.


  1. I’ve often wondered what, if anything will be done to capture the names of people buried in Mt. Hope after 2002. I know that I will fall into that category one day as will my son. How will future researchers be able to find us?

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