Hit Songs of 1968 – #29

Jeannie C. Riley with her “Harper Valley PTA” not only had a hit on the country charts but also on the pop charts. The song was written by Tom T. Hall and it tells a story of a woman that was sent a letter chastising her by the local school PTA. In the end she points out how they are all hypocrites. Jeannie’s career took off and she would become a sensation in country music even if she did have another big hit on the pop charts. In 1968 it seems like she was on every variety show. She also won the Grammy Award for Best Female Country Vocal Performance for “Harper Valley PTA.”

There would be a Harper Valley PTA movie in 1978 starring Barbara Eden as Stella Johnson. The video ,below, uses scenes from the movie. Then there was the Harper Valley PTA TV series that ran for only 30 episodes from Jan. 1981 to Aug. 1982. That series also starred Barbara Eden.

“Harper Valley PTA” was the number one song on all three pop charts (Billboard Hot 100, Cash Box and Record World’s 100 Top Pops) for the week of Sept. 8 – 14, 1968.