Mysterious Relationship

Richard R. Hastings

Richard R. Hastings is supposed to be a 2nd cousin to me. There is a lot of information on him that just doesn’t add up.

His mother’s maiden name was Mary Rupert. According to her marriage record to Frank Favaloro in 1923, it was her first marriage. Richard was born in 1918. Yet people in my family said the Richard was the son of Mary. So was Mary married to a Mr. Hastings or what?

To make this case even more complicated, Mary’s mother, Isabel, was married to a widower named Charles Frederick Hastings as her second husband. I thought that he could be the father of Richard. No way. Charles F. Hastings died in 1905.

Richard enlisted in the National Guard on 10 Feb. 1941. On that record he states that he was born in Buffalo. I can’t any records that anyone in the family ever lived in Buffalo.

Checking census records, the 1940 census showed Richard as a step-son to Frank Favaloro. That would suggest that he was Mary’s son. But in the 1925 NY census he was listed (age 7) as the brother-in-law of Frank. Richard is not listed with his mother in the 1920 census. I have looked for him in the 1920 census as Richard Hastings, Richard Favaloro and Richard Rupert but can’t find him.

Now that the New York State birth indexes are online, I looked for Richard under all three names. He isn’t in the birth index at all under any of those names.

His picture came from the 1937 Monroe High School yearbook. He looks a lot older than 18.

Richard married Doris Earl of Rochester about 1945. I can’t find a marriage record, either.

Richard died here in Rochester on 9 June 1947at aged 29. He was buried in Belfast, Allegany Co., NY next to his mother, step-father and his grandparents. He never had any children. I am probably the only person to ever investigate him. I still think that he is the son of Mary (Rupert) Favaloro but I can’t find any clue as to why he used Hastings as his surname.



  1. Any possibility that he could be the son of Isabel as she was no doubt using the name Hastings when he was born?

    • Isabel was aged bout 66 when Richard was born so that isn’t a possibility. Maybe they used Hastings as Richard’s surname to hide that he was Mary’s illegitimate son.

  2. Upon looking at the picture, those glasses could make him look older. I recently tried on some wire-rims and they aged me by about ten years.

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