Old News – Morgan Manning House

The Western Monroe Historical Society maintains this Victorian style home in Brockport. This article from 50 years ago is about them getting the deed to the property.


Thursday, Oct. 3, 1968

Ceremony Marks Deed Transfer
by Doris Vernay

Morgan-Manning House

Perhaps the happiest day that members of the Western Monroe Historical Society will long remember was Sunday, Sept. 22. On this day, at a reception given in honor of the family of the late Sara Morgan Manning and the founders of the society, the deed to the house was transferred to the historical society by the Society for the Preservation of Landmarks in Western New York.

The house at 151 Main St., Brockport, was indeed festive for the occasion. With the addition of paintings from the estate of the late Fannie Morgan, the generosity of Mrs. William Sloan of Rochester, and the appointments of shining silver, candlelight and flowers, over 100 members and guests wandered through the rooms enjoying the exhibits, the room recently dedicated to the late Dr. Manning, the library with its “lived-in” look, the plant adorned conservatory, and the dining room, a picture of candelabras, flowers, cranberry punch and attractive tea sandwiches, And to be remembered for many years, was the quiet moment of a deep friendship shared between Miss Ora Van Slyke related a past touched with the poignant memories of gracious living.

Only through the cooperation of many people cansuch a day be possible. To list them all would be impossible. Yet the people of Brockport may know who these people are by becoming a member of the Association. For here are the people who have put their love, interest, and time into the Morgan Manning House, so that today it is enjoyed as a center of cultural activities and historic memorabilia for the people of Brockport and the area.

If the magic of this house will prompt you to become a member of the Western Monroe Historical Society, you can share with us, the enthusiasm of continuing the purpose of this lovely home as a center of cultural activities.