New Auto Show Programs

1955 Studebaker

I uploaded two programs for auto shows in Rochester in the 1950s. The 1955 Auto Show was held at the old Armory on E. Main Street. My favorite car from that year is the Studebaker. I liked the huge chrome grill and it looks more sporty than most other cars that year. Studebaker would manufacture their last autos in 1966.

Look for the picture of what they thought that cars would look like in 1960. Those guesses were always wrong.

1956 Dodge

The program for the 1956 Auto Show shows that they had moved the show to the War Memorial. Chrysler and their other brands (Dodge, Plymouth and DeSoto) were starting to show what would be a short lived trend; fins. Another trend that was hitting the peak in 1956 was 2-tone paint on cars. Or as the Dodge in the picture shows a 3-tone paint scheme.