Hit Songs of 1968 – #31

Do you remember “Fire” by The Crazy World of Arthur Brown? It was a big hit for the group in 1968. But it was their only hit. On the Billboard Hot 100 chart it was at #2 for the week of Oct. 13 – 19. On the Record World magazine chart it was at #2 for 2 weeks (Oct. 13 – 26). It couldn’t reach #1 because The Beatles had a lock on the top spot with “Hey Jude.”

Arthur Brown was one of the first people to wear garish makeup like Alice Cooper would later use. Arthur also used to wear a helmet that he set on fire (see video). Once some of the methanol fuel dripped down off the helmet and set his head on fire. Fans had to  pour beer over him to put out the fire. On occasion he also stripped naked while performing.

The first part of “Fire” has been sampled and used by The Prodigy’s “Fire” (1991) and Death Grips’ “Lord of the Game” (2011).

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