Old News – Capen Hose Co.

The Capen Hose Company dates back to 1893 but they didn’t build their familiar building at the corner of Main St. and Park Ave. until 1905. The picture is one I took in 2015. The building houses a fire museum and they also added a 9/11 memorial out in front of the building.


Brockport, NY

Thursday, Oct. 31, 1968

Capen Hose Co. Celebrates 75th Anniversary

Capen Hose Company No. 4 of South Main St., Brockport, celebrated its 75th anniversary at the Hollybrook Party House, County Line Rd., Brockport, on Saturday night, Oct. 26.

The company honored three old-timers whose total membership spans 194 years. They are: George E. Rowe, who joined in 1901; William Guelf, who became a member in 1903; and Fred Gillespie Sr. who joined in 1906.

Other members honored were: George Churchill, trustee and oldest active fireman, who has been a member since 1926; Lloyd Groves, trustee, a member since 1929; and Wilbur Hiler, who joined the company in 1933 and who has been recording secretary for 20 years.

Other recognition went to Robert W. Northrup, trustee, who joined in 1934; Gerald Remington, financial secretary for 21 years; Fred Gillespie Jr., treasurer, who also joined in 1934; and field officers, captain Bradley Owen, Jerry Nesbitt, and Norman Knapp; the president, Jon Klump; and the vice president, Thomas Kruger.

Special guests were chief Charles P. Smith, first assistant chief Fremont Clow, second assistant chief, Allen Mercer, and their wives.

The Capen Hose is the youngest of all the Brockport fire companies, being accepted into the department in 1893. The members built and financed their own firehouse on South Main St. in 1905 and it still stands there today.

The Capens purchased the first motorized truck in Brockport in 1914 and are expecting their seventh piece of motorized equipment in March 1969. It will be a diesel powered pumper with an automatic transmission, the first in Western New York.

Members, wives and guests totaled 90. They traveled from as far as Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Syracuse to celebrate this gala affair. Wilbur Hiler was master of ceremonies.

The chairman of the event was Edson Hefke and the co-chairman was Scott Warthman.