Ontario Beach Park – #37

It is spring of 1920. The City of Rochester owns the western part of the beach where the Bartholomay Cottage Hotel used to be and is using some cottages as bath houses. They also seem to have taken possession of the former amusement park area but evidence is that they have not yet paid the former owners (NY Central Railroad).

In the April 11th issue of the Rochester Herald newspaper are a series of pictures taken by Albert R. Stone. Below are pictures that he took on glass plates and were saved by his family. The original glass plates are now in the Rochester Museum and Science Center and were digitized. Those digital images are on the Rochester Public Library website (as part of Rochester Images).

The fence around the amusement park. It was being torn down by the end of April. Also the main entrance facing Beach Avenue is in the distance. The tower on the right ran electricity over the Genesee River.

On the left is the former Japanese Pavilion and on the right is the Venetian Canals building.

The Breezer which was originally called the Scenic Railroad.

This was originally The House that Jack Built, then the Foolish House, then Trail of the Lonesome Pine and finally, as in the picture, Over the Top.

Part of the east side of the midway – On the left is the rifle range, then a small building marked “Bathrobe Blankets,” then the German Village hotel, a good place to get a beer and Coney Island hot. On the right is the south end building of The Breezer.

Another picture of the east side of the midway. Only identified building is the rifle range on the right.

West side of midway. The only identifiable building is the carousel building. It is the cupola in the center of the photo and it has seven boarded up doorways.

Rides that were owned by individuals would have been moved to somewhere else or sold. Not all the buildings were torn down in 1920 but more on than in the next installment.