Old News – Why We Have 911

This article is about calling the police or an ambulance in an emergency. Remember when we had stickers on or near the phone? That’s because the numbers were hard to remember. It is much easier now to just call 911 in an emergency.

There was a new problem when cell phones started to take over. Emergency responders in the 911 system weren’t able to locate where a cell call was coming from if the person wasn’t able to speak. In most communities in the US they now can figure out a location but there are some small communities that are not yet able to locate a cell signal.

There is one other suggestion that I have that is not mentioned in the article. Make sure you have a house number on your mailbox or on the house. The bigger the numbers the better so the emergency vehicle is able to find you.

I cheated on the ad. It came from the Greater Greece Press. Good price for a turkey dinner in 1968..

The Honeoye Falls Times

Thursday, Nov. 21, 1968

Use of Computer to Be Added to HF High School Curriculum

Stickers bearing the number to call the Monroe County Sheriff may be picked up at the Honeoye Falls Village Office by any resident. They are designed to be stuck to a telephone and can be put next to the ambulance stickers which were available some time back.

People who call the sheriff ot those who call for an ambulance should be sure to give the name of the community as well as the street and number, for example, “This is John Doe, we’d like a police officer at 999 Noth Main Street, Honeoye Falls.”

At night it’s a good idea to have a light on and have somebody at the roadside to flag down the patrol or ambulance.

The sheriff’s office gets calls from 19 towns and 10 villages, and since the same street name may be used in several communities the name of the community should be included to identify the location where the police officer or the ambulance is wanted.

The sheriff’s number is 232-1414, the ambulance is 232-2121.