Ontario Beach Park – #42

Here are three pictures from 1931 when the new bath house opened. The first picture is an old postcard that shows what an aerial view would look like. It is a drawing and may have been taken from an architectural view. This postcard is even postmarked in 1931.

The second picture just shows the main building. We know that it is early image as there is a pile of bricks in the lower left corner. That picture is courtesy of Local History Division, Central Library of Rochester and Monroe County. Did you know that you can now rent the second floor for parties? It only has a capacity for 200 people but it is a unique party location. See Park Reservation web page for details.

The picture on the bottom is from the Democrat & Chronicle of June 20, 1931. There had been a heat wave with temperatures over 90 in the City and people were flocking to the beach to cool off. The left part is a view of people bathing in the lake. The people identified by numbers are:

  1. Lifeguard, Thomas J. Cox.
  2. Lifeguard Dan Herbert.
  3. Lifeguard William Cox.
  4. Marion Tegg of 159 Oakland St.
  5. Helen Ernisse of 327 Caroline St.
  6. A. W. Yogg of 393 Chili Ave.
  7. Nancy Ann Yogg, daughter of A. W.
  8. Leland Pennington (no address).