Wilkinson Scrapbook Article #46

In this article by William Wilkinson’s scrapbook “One Hundred Great and Near-Great Events, Person and Places in Rochester History” (1947) he makes a suggestion to replace Front Street with a park. He was ahead of his tim as Front Street was later turned into Genesee Crossroads Park. That is the park that has a “Y” shaped pedestrian bridge called Sister Cities Bridge.


Front Street — The haven of chickens and bums – we will always have with us. Perhaps we should try and make the most of it but why not try and do something to improve the situation? Can’t something be done to improve this old street? Here is mu suggestion. Why not make a city park where the Mission woodlot and where the old haymarket stood – on the east side next to the river – with green grass and shade trees and drinking fountains and green benches where weary bums could rest their carcasses instead of having to flop down in the doorways? These bums would not not miss the woodlot. Inasmuch as Sam Patch has no memorial (Sam was a bum, too) O suggest that a statue of Sam Patch and his bear be mounted atop a tall Trojan column, the higher the better. Sam wouldn’t mind this to be placed in the center of the park and the park to be known as Sam Patch Park. .