Old News – Mendon Hist. Soc.

It is 50 years since the Mendon Historical Society moved into the museum that they still occupy. That building was originally built ca. 1860 as a carriage barn and livery stable for the Falls Hotel.

Sorry about the quality of the picture but it the best that can be made from the old newspaper.

Honeoye Falls Times

Thursday, Jan. 16, 1969

Mendon Historical Society Relocates Mementos in New Museum in Village

IRREPLACEABLE MEMENTOS of the community’s past were brought together last weekend as members of the Mendon Historical Society moved from various storage places in to the society’s museum in the Thompson Building in Honeoye Falls, Assisting in the work were Mrs. Ralph Gray, member of the society’s special projects committee; William Houghton, former vice president of the society, and antique dealer who made an appraisal of the collection for insurance purposes; and Mrs. Lyle Krieger, historian for the Town of Mendon and Village of Honeoye Falls, and chairman of the committee. Items shown here are a photograph of the falls with old covered railroad bridge; a parade banner of Protective Hose Company No. 2 of Honeoye Falls, one of the four fire companies here in 1890; a primitive oil painting by Miss Atwater of Rochester, a gift to Ralph Johnson in 1886; a doll from Mrs. Clara Martin’s estate, valued at $100; and the wedding shawl worn by the grandmother of the late Mae Yorks, the first bride in the old Methodist Church, which burned in a fire in 1885 in the village..