1952 Irondequoit HS Yearbook

I uploaded another yearbook for Irondequoit High School. The Neodaondaquat 1952, is a standard yearbook for that time. There are pictures for 136 seniors and group pictures for grades 7 – 11.

Most of the pictures in this yearbook are bad. Some are just too dark and a few are too light. Some of the group pictures have the people in front washed out and the people in the rear are dark. That even the senior’s pictures are bad means that the printer did a bad job

There was a good bunch of activities for students. Boys had football, basketball, baseball, soccer and swim teams. The girls had basketball, volleyball (no picture), baseball (no picture) and new in this year was badminton.

I already uploaded the 1951 Irondequoit HS yearbook. That and other yearbooks are on the Yearbooks web page.