Old News – Gerling Column

Curt Gerling was a newspaper man and wrote for various newspapers in his early career. About 1945 he started buying some of the suburban newspapers. He would write columns for each of his newspapers that he owned. As you can see from this column, it is part news and part personal experiences.

Curt also wrote three books. The best remembered was Smugtown, U.S.A (1957) about the upper crust of the Rochester area.

Fairport, NY

Wednesday, Feb. 5, 1969

Perinton Parade
by Curt Gerling

If you missed the products and convenience of Dairyland, breathe easier. It is reliably reported that it will open under new management in the near future.


To a fellow to whom a Strauss waltz is a classic and who can’t carry a tune from here to the door a membership or contribution to the Civic Music drive would seem unlikely but we are members of long standing. A number of years ago Mrs. Arthur See called us and knew just the proper sales pitch. “I know you are not interested in music Curt, but that you are interested in the people who provide it,” said she. As she was right and that we also think that it is a great cultural asset to the community we have been a member ever since.

The drive is on now. We urge you to be a sponsor, music lover or not.


We note that the Cottage Inn is to be torn down within 60 days, the demolition ordered by the courts. We hope that it will happen, but wouldn’t bet a nickle on it.


Childhood is that wonderful time when all you have to do to lose wight is just bathe.


Behind a brittle dry martini and the biggest (and tastiest) “small” antipasto on record we talked with our old friend Tony Gala at Gala’s Spaghetti House. We reminisced about the old days in New York City when Billy Rose’s Diamond Horseshoe was the place to go. “What girls!” exclaimed Tony. We agreed.


Our youngest grandson, Jimmy, was four on Sunday. He celebrated by throwing up four or five times among his presents. The “upchucks” were a gift from his older brother Robert and the bug was passed on to father, Jon, who failed to how up for work on Monday. One of the “joys” of parenthood seems to be to catch everything that the kids bring home from school.