Wilkinson Scrapbook Article – #48

In this article by William Wilkinson’s scrapbook “One Hundred Great and Near-Great Events, Person and Places in Rochester History” (1947) he writes about Nathaniel Rochester. His drawing is based on the portrait at the Memorial Art Gallery. It was thought, in the past, that the portrait was done by John James Audubon. but now no one is sure who the actual artist was.

You can see from this drawing that Mr. Wilkinson did his drawing on lined paper.

While the City of Rochester took its name from Colonel Nathaniel Rochester, its founder. Search for the meaning of the name goes back to the days of the Saxons, It is from the Saxon hroff-ceaster, meaning a camp by a swift stream. Hence the name is singularly appropriate, our city lying upon a swift stream as does the English city of the same name, the Medway being about the size of our own Genesee. In 1811, Colonel Rochester began to survey the tract and sell lots. Hamlet Scrantom and family moved into the first log dwelling on the site of Powers Building, July 1, 1812. The village was incorporated as “Rochesterville” in 1817, the name being shortened to Rochester in 1822. Monroe County was created in 1821 and Rochester was incorporated as a city April 28, 1834 when Jonathan Child became the first Mayor. Nathaniel Rochester was a man of constant integrity and primitive simplicity, winning the affection of a grateful community. He had courage, energy and faith. He gave our city more than a name – the heritage of his inspiring personality. He as the father of 12 children,  grand-pappy of 63. He rests in Mt. Hope.