Irondequoit Mall

I uploaded a 40 page booklet showing ads for the opening of Irondequoit Mall in 1990. The mall is best known for its demise. It has been sitting almost empty for more than 10 years. The new owner is planning to make it “mixed use” which means that it will probably become more office space than retail.

It was a nice looking mall when it opened; especially the glass ceiling. Much easier to get around while shopping as it was two stories. It soon got a bad reputation for having lots of crime. That reputation was only partially true but it made customers stay away. Stores started closing and it made even more customers to stay away.

The booklet shows a lot of national stores which no longer are in business. Malls in general are in trouble, especially from online retailers.


  1. The reputation aboyt crime was, as far as I’m concerned, an urban rumor. I never heard about anyone who had a problem, and I never had or saw a problem. I did have my pocket picked once–at Penney’s in Long Ridge Mall in Greece! I really miss the Irondequoit Mall!

  2. My husband was a great one to tell me about all the fights and riots and crime in the mall. But he didn’t work there. I did. I never saw a darned thing happen there. Nothing. Nada. The other part of the issue that isn’t being mentioned, and I assume the info I caught was true, was that store rent was high for retailers. I don’t know about that. Could this have been caused by the Russians, the collapse of our primary retail system? It’s sure not very healthy presently. Seems like all my favorite stores are being scared off.

    • One story that I heard was that people were hiding under cars and would slash your ankles and take your packages. I wasn’t true. It was a story that was floating around the internet and the name of the mall would change for your local area.
      The rent prices for mall stores have always been high. The reasoning was that more people would go to the mall because there was more stores. So mall stores have to have a greater return on their investment. When the economy had any slight downturn the stores would all close because they weren’t making enough money.
      Change over to internet sales has really decreased mall traffic and all retail sales at “brick and mortar” stores. Some are finding that order online and pickup in store has been helping a lot. Maybe we will see more small local stores eventually fill in some of the spaces.
      Some malls have been knocked down. One big one has become a church and office space. Check for a huge list of malls around the country that have closed. They mention Irondequoit Mall and Midtown for this region.

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