Hit Songs of 1969 – #6

Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR) had a hit in 1969 with “Proud Mary.” The song was written by John Fogerty about a Mary that leaves a good job and travels down a river in search of something better.

The group had been together since 1959 under other names and became CCR in 1968. They had a string of hits for a few years but ended up breaking up in 1972.

“Proud Mary” was the top song on the Record World 100 Top Pops for the week of March 9 – 15. On the Billboard Hot 100 it only got up to #2 but for three weeks (March 2 – 22). As you can see on the chart for WBSU, the radio station of SUNY Brockport, it was their number one song for the week of March 7 – 13).

Then in 1972 Ike and Tina Turner had a hit with a completely different version of “Proud Mary.” After Ike and Tina separated, Tina would often perform the song at her live shows.

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