Website Errors

I don’t know about you, but I have been getting error “type 500” on both this blog and also on the Pictures page of the GenWeb site. I wrote to the help desk of my Internet Service Provider. I got a really long answer, only some of which I understand. The problem is that on both hackers have been trying to gain access to the log-in so that they could put on spam and/or malware.

One solution was that a tech support person added an additional administration log-in on this blog. That only really effects me as now I have two passwords to log-in. Even though the blog appears to be a separate website; in fact; it is really a sub-directory of the GenWeb site. The average number of views of the blog is only 25 per day. It does get about 30 comments a day; 95% of which  are spam.

Tech support also suggested that I make all the Gen-Web pictures have a log-in for everyone. That sounds like a bad idea. The whole idea of having the pictures online is to make them available for anyone to view. This does get an amazing number of views; anywhere between 30,000 to 75,000 a day.

I have been watching the website statistics over the last few days. It appears that there are no less number of errors. There are times when the whole website is overactive. Even Google had a problem trying to index the website a couple of weeks ago because of error messages.

There is a possibility that in the end I may have to delete all the pictures if I can’t find another solution.

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