1914 Catholic HS Yearbook

I uploaded the 1914 Senior Annual for Rochester Catholic High School in Rochester. At that time it was coeducational. In 1917 the girls were required to transfer to Nazareth Academy. Then in 1922 the name of the school was changed to Aquinas Institute. This is the third yearbook for this school.

The school had three majors. Graduates in those majors in 1914 were; 31 in Academic, 34 in Commercial, and 11 in Bookkeeping.  The names are listed but there are not individual pictures of all the seniors. There are group pictures of the Academic and Commercial Classes (actually majors). The picture has some of the girls in the Academic class but they are not named.

Lots of ads for such a small yearbook.

Other Monroe County school yearbooks are on the Yearbooks web page.

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