New York State Records on Family Search #3

On Family Search is an index to the 1892 NY State Census. No one is sure why New York State did a census in 1892. The State had done census on years ending in a “5” from 1825 to 1875 but didn’t do a census in 1885. Some people think that the 1892 census was done to replaced the federal census of 1890 that was destroyed by fire. That is NOT the case as the 1890 Federal census wasn’t destroyed until the 1920s. The 1892 census does fill the void between the 1880 and 1900 Federal census.

The 1892 has only seven columns:

  • Name
  • Male or Female
  • Age
  • Color (race)
  • In What Country Born
  • Citizen or Alien
  • Occupation

What is important about the 1892 census is what is missing from it. There is no family visitation number nor an address. So on occasion it is difficult to tell who is living in each household. Also missing is a relationship to the head of household. I have one family with a person of another surname. I am not sure if he was a laborer on the farm or a distant family member. Some NY census ask for a county of birth in NY. Most federal census ask for a state of birth. The 1892 census only asks for the country of birth. There isn’t any marital status; ie. married, widowed, divorced.

Volunteers on Family Search indexed every name on the 1892 census. They are missing 21 counties from the collection. Those missing counties are described on this page. That page also includes a link to search this census collection.