Cemetery Vandalism

Over this last weekend approximately 70 tombstones in Mt. Hope Cemetery in Rochester were toppled. At least 2 of the tombstones were destroyed beyond repair. The rest of the tombstones will be repaired by the staff of the cemetery. Broken beer bottles resting on some of the tombstones indicate that the vandals were drinking at the time of their action.

Mayor Tom Richards said that “this kind of action is not just property damage, it is a crime against people and families. These cowardly acts trample on the memories of loved ones and show disrespect for both people and property.” He is also asking for an increased police presence.

Mt. Hope dates back to 1837 and has approximately 350,000 burials and is still having new burials.. During the day, the cemetery is busy with people visiting their relative’s graves. Their are also many people running in the cemetery and walking their dogs. The cemetery is fenced but there are still people that are able to get into the cemetery at night.