New Book on Rochester Latino Community

There is a new book out this week named Rochester’s Latino Community. It is one of those books in the Images of America collection. There are many similar books for Rochester and many suburban towns in the Images of America collection. This new book has 128 pages with pictures on every page and a short text description.  It only makes sense that for this book the text is in both English and Spanish. The book points out that the Latino community is much older than most people think. In the 1890s Kodak brought Domingo Delgado from Puerto Rico to Rochester to establish foreign camera markets. Many more immigrants came to Rochester in the 50s and 60s in search of a better economic opportunities. They established their own churches and businesses that still thrive today.

You can order the book via this link to I make a small commission if you buy from them. The book should also be in local Wegmans and other local book stores.