Hank Jones’ other Careers

Hank Jones is a nationally known speaker on many genealogy topics. He has been a genealogical researcher since 1965 and his series on Palatines (Germans) to America won awards and is referenced in many person’s family files; including mine. But Hank had other overlapping careers that he did through the years. In the early 1960s he started as a singing duo with his friend Dean Kay. They ended up as regulars on the “Tennessee Ernie Ford Show.” Hank continued on his own after Dean left for the military. He also wrote songs including one recorded by Mel Torme.

Next, Hank moved over to acting. He was in many TV episodes and 8 Disney movies. Most of these roles were small guest-starring credits or some for which he didn’t even get credits for. Still, he does show in the Internet Movie database where most of his roles are listed. I found that one of his guest roles has now showed up on the website, Hulu. That is a website that has old movies and TV episodes that you can watch on your monitor on a fast internet connection. Hank is an expectant father that stops Nanny on “Nanny and the Professor” (1970) in the episode; “Nanny on Wheels.” If interested; just click on the episode title. Hank shows up about 19 minutes into the episode. If you want, you can move the slider while watching the episode and skip the first part of the episode, just to see Hank. Note, that there are commercials throughout anything you watch on Hulu.

If you want to read more about Hank’s other careers, just go to his website. He also sells his genealogy books and music CDs. You can even download short music samples.