Searching for…

Pam Slaton

This month Dish Network is giving a free preview of OWN, the Oprah Winfrey Network. I was looking forward to see the series Searching for… on OWN. Genealogist Pam Slaton helps people find people they are looking for. Each hour long episode involves two search cases. Of the four episodes that I seen so far 6 cases involved adoptions, one was a lady looking a friend that she lost contact with when they each went off to college. The last case was a person looking the fiancee of his brother that was killed in Vietnam. The most emotional cases are the adoption searches. One lady had given away three children under the age of three after her marriage fell apart. She had found her eldest daughter by herself but need Pam’s help to find the other two children. As it turned out, the son had died at least ten years before. Pam was able to find the youngest daughter but she was at first reluctant to be reunited with her birth mother. Adoptions bring out many emotions.

On the series, Pam doesn’t tell exactly how she is able to find people. She does share some tips on her website on OWN. New York State has put up many roadblocks related to adoptions. Yet Pam was able to find records for a a child born in NYC and adopted in NYC and eventually reunite him with his birth mother. Pam does say that most of her work is done at her computer on the internet.

OWN is a premium channel on both satellite services and cable. I would have to upgrade to receive the OWN channel and it would be an additional $15 per month. Although I enjoy watching Searching for…, I can’t see me upgrading just to see the program but I’ll be watching as many episodes as are on this month. If you get OWN then you should check out Searching for….