Migration of an Ancestor

As hurricane Irene blew up through the east coast this last weekend, I wondered if bad weather might be one of reasons that my 4th great grandfather, Matthew Halsey, moved away from his parent’s home. He was born in Bridgehampton. NY out on the east end Long Island. The house of his parent’s was built in the mid 1770s and it is still there. I visited the house in 1995 but a mile before I got to the house there was a road sign that stated something to the effect that the area was prone to flooding. Is it possible that Matthew decided to leave home because of all the storms that hit the eastern end of Long Island? Matthew did see service in the Revolutionary War. He didn’t do any fighting but he and his company did march all the way up to Fort Ticonderoga. So he was able to see land that was better to farm on. I probably will never know for sure why he migrated. He moved first to Springfield, NY (near Coopertown). By 1820 he had moved to Howard, Steuben Co., NY where his son had already moved. In the 1825 NY census it says that he had 7 acres of improved land and he was aged about 72.

As a footnote; the old house in Bridgehampton is still a on a working farm but that farm is surrounded by million dollar plus houses.