Arlington Cemetery Records

Dick Eastman on his blog has been following the story of lost records at Arlington National Cemetery. This story started back last year in June when an article in the Washington Post said  that dozens of burial plots appear on maps as occupied but have no headstone, and some graves that have a headstone are recorded as vacant. Cemetery workers have begun to dig graves in what they thought was an unoccupied plot but then found that someone was buried there. In some cases, grounds crews have found that graves are marked with headstones for other decedents. Recording keeping is haphazard at best and still kept in paper ledgers.

Now in this recent posting on Mr. Eastman’s blog, he reports that records have been discovered, off site, at a commercial storage facility. Plus, the Army plans to photograph more than 219,000 grave markers and the markers of more than 43,000 sets of cremated remains. Military officials hope they can eventually use the photos to create an online database for the public.

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