Finger Lakes Photo Books

I was sitting at Wegmans waiting for a prescription and they had a nice book to look at sitting on their end table. It was: Finger Lakes Panoramas. It is a large size book (12X9) and has some great large photos of the Finger Lakes Region. I looked in Wegmans book section and they had copies for sale plus another two books on the Finger Lakes: Waterfalls and Gorges of the Finger Lakes and Finger Lakes Splendor. The latter is only about 7X5 inches but it has 224 pages. Come to find out, none of these books are new. I just am just now discovering the. You can try your local Wegmans and see if they have copies of the books or use these links below or order the books from Amazon.

Note that I receive a very small commission if you buy from new books Amazon.