Life Records are back

Life Records is the name of the index of vital records in Rochester and Brockport newspapers. It was created by staff at the Rochester Public Library. It has been off-line for 18 months because of problems with finding a vendor able to handle the service. The index is now back with some changes on the search page. Currently the period cover by the index is from 1 Jan. 1960 to 31 Dec. 2010. Records for this year will be added soon. The staff of RPL are working backwards in time to add to the index. Links on the Life Records web page are for Search Tips, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and the search page. Because there have been some changes on the search page, everyone should read the Search Tips page. If you haven’t used Life Records before, then also read FAQ. The cost is not cheap. It is $10 for each record and an additional 33 cents for a credit card service charge. You can only order three records per day. That is so the staff isn’t overwhelmed by requests. If you can get to the library, use Life Records to make a list of records you want and then you can make copies of the records from the microfilms for only 15 cents each. It is great to have Life Records back online.