Top Songs of 1966 – #14

“A Groovy Kind of Love” was a hit in 1966 for The Mindbenders. The song was written by Toni Wine and Carole Bayer Sager who said that they wrote the song in about 20 minutes. It is said that this was the first use of the slang word “groovy” used in the title of a song.

The Mindbenders were formed in 1963 by Wayne Fontana as his backup group. They had a number one hit in 1965 with “Game of Love” but Wayne left the group later in the year and the group continued without him. “A Groovy Kind of Love” was the number one song on the Cash Box record chart for the week of May 29 – June 4, 1966. The song only made it up to #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The Mindbenders appeared at the famous Fillmore West in San Francisco in 1966. In 1967 they had were in the movie, To Sir, with Love and were also on the soundtrack with the songs “Off and Running” and “It’s Getting Harder All the Time.” The group broke up in 1968.

Old News – Spelling Bee

Spelling bees are still done today and the National spelling bee always brings up some words that very few people have ever heard before.

The Thor motorcycle was made from 1901 to 1920.


Thursday, June 7, 1916

One-Third of All Who Tried From Perinton Stood to the Last in Contest Saturday Night.

thor-1916-06-07The spelling contest for pupils of the schools in the town of Perinton was held in the town hall Saturday evening after the meeting of Fairport grange, the grange hall being too small to accommodate the number of people present. In all, 743 words were pronounced to the 33 pupils who entered the contest, 74 words were misspelled, and at the finish 11 were still standing. District Superintendent Furman announcing that he had pronounced all of the difficult words from the list of 3,200 sent out by the state education department, from which the words were to be chosen.

The contestants had been selected from the various schools of the town of Perinton after contests in their respective schools.

The victors in the contest, in the order in which they stood on the platform, were Vara Dadd, Emma McCoord, Emma Coon, Mildred Lincoln, James Goodwin, Violet Bacon, Ann Webb, Julia Cook, Caroline Wolfe, Donald Kelsey and Helen Bolton. Five of the eleven winners attend the Fairport schools and three the east Rochester schools, the remaining three are from the district schools.

The original plan of the district superintendents was to have four of the best spellers from each district in each of the towns in Monroe county attend, expenses paid, the county fair at Brockport, but considering the fact that the Perinton spellers covered the entire list of words, and 11 were still victors after spelling for nearly two hours, it was decided to take the entire eleven spellers to the Brockport fair. The winner at the Brockport fair will join with the other county winners of the state at the state fair at Syracuse in a state wide spelling bee.

Perinton should be proud of the kind of spellers that the children in the grades have proven to be.

Besides Mr. Furman, who conducted the contest, the judges were Principal Bird of East Rochester, and James J. Dadd, of Fairport , who had been asked to represent Fairport High school; and F. B. Miner, editor of the Fairport Herald, was the referee.

1944 Witan

witan-1944I uploaded  the yearbook for the class of 1944 for Charlotte High School. The Witan has pictures of 69 seniors, activities, sports and some ads. This one also has some autographs with a couple of hard to read ones in green ink. Dedications are to a “Frank” and there is only one Frank in the senior class, a Frank Harris, who is also the only senior without a photograph.

Top Songs of 1966 – #13

When_a_Man_Loves_a_Woman_coverThe next song to go all the way to the top of the record charts was “When A Man Loves A Woman” by Percy Sledge. The writing credit on the song goes to Calvin Lewis and Andrew Wright  who were members of a group with Sledge. Over the years, Sledge said that he also should have gotten some credit as he helped to write the song. This would be the only number one song by Percy Sledge. As his popularity waned in the US, he toured overseas including doing over 100 dates a year in South Africa. Percy died in 2015 at age 74.

When A Man Loves A Woman” was also a number hit in 1991 for Michael Bolton. Percy’s version was at the top spot on the Cash Box record chart for just the week of May 22 – 28, 1966. It was at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart for 2 weeks (May 22 – June 4).

“The Acquittal” Program

lyceum-1921I uploaded a program from the former Lyceum Theater in Rochester from 1921. The show at that time was the play “The Acquittal” which was produced by the famous George M. Cohan. This isn’t one of his musicals. It was a play that was written by Rita Weiman about what happened after a man is acquitted of a crime. Not only do I have the program from the Theater but also included in the PDF file is a flyer and a brochure with pictures from the production. The play ran from Thursday Feb. 10th to Saturday the 12th with an extra matinee on Saturday.

I have other theater programs from 1892 to 1969 linked to on the “Books page.


rootsTonight is the first episode of the new Roots TV mini-series. Tonight’s episode is 2 hours and 15 minutes and the next 3 nights run 2 hours. It not only airs on the History channel but also on A&E, Lifetime and the Lifetime Movie Network. All episodes will be repeated several times this week so you should be able to get to see them.

The 1977 version of the series got tremendous ratings. It is not just a story of slavery in America but importantly a story of how African-American families were able to rise above slavery. It is based on real people in author, Alex Haley’s family but some events are fiction. It is the family story that made the book and the TV series popular.The 1977 edition also got more people interested in tracing their family history.

Alex Haley died in 1992. His story lives on in this updated version of Roots.

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