Website Errors

I don’t know about you, but I have been getting error “type 500” on both this blog and also on the Pictures page of the GenWeb site. I wrote to the help desk of my Internet Service Provider. I got a really long answer, only some of which I understand. The problem is that on both hackers have been trying to gain access to the log-in so that they could put on spam and/or malware.

One solution was that a tech support person added an additional administration log-in on this blog. That only really effects me as now I have two passwords to log-in. Even though the blog appears to be a separate website; in fact; it is really a sub-directory of the GenWeb site. The average number of views of the blog is only 25 per day. It does get about 30 comments a day; 95% of which  are spam.

Tech support also suggested that I make all the Gen-Web pictures have a log-in for everyone. That sounds like a bad idea. The whole idea of having the pictures online is to make them available for anyone to view. This does get an amazing number of views; anywhere between 30,000 to 75,000 a day.

I have been watching the website statistics over the last few days. It appears that there are no less number of errors. There are times when the whole website is overactive. Even Google had a problem trying to index the website a couple of weeks ago because of error messages.

There is a possibility that in the end I may have to delete all the pictures if I can’t find another solution.

Hit Songs of 1969 – #10

“You’ve Made Me So Very Happy” was a hit for the group Blood Sweat and Tears in 1969. A group by that name was formed in 1967 by musician/producer Al Kooper in 1967. That group released an album but soon after Kooper left  the group and the group reformed with David Clayton-Thomas as vocalist. He is the singer with a gravely voice that fit well with the jazz/rock group. The group appeared at the Woodstock festival in 1969 but the group’s manager wouldn’t let them be filmed. Clayton-Thomas left the group in January 1972 to pursue a single career. He came back to the group in 1974. The group continues to tour occasionally but Clayton-Thomas retired in 2004.  Members of the group changed often. Over the years there have been over 120 people that played with the group.

I saw the group play at a concert in the mid 1970s. At that time David Clayton-Thomas had a lot shorter hair than in the video. The video and the sound don’t match. The video part is from a live concert and the audio is from the album version of the song. Some radio stations in 1969 would have played a shorter version that was on a 45.

The song made it up to the #2 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 record chart for the weeks April 6 – 26 (3 weeks). The Record World 100 Top Pops chart had the song at the #2 spot for the weeks of April 13 – 26, 1969.

Perinton History

I scanned and uploaded Perinton’s Heritage; Perinton Sesquicentennial, 1812 – 1962. It was issued for the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Town of Perinton. It is only 96 pages but contains a short history of the town, a schedule of events for the sesquicentennial celebration, a bunch of picture. and ads of local businesses.

This town includes the Village of Fairport. In 1962 the east half of the Village of East Rochester was still within the Town of Perinton. So there is some history of that village and some pictures of E. R. East Rochester would become a separate Town in 1981.

Minor Minor League Baseball

Today is the home opener of the Rochester Red Wings baseball team. Their season started a week ago but they have been playing out of town until today. The Red Wings are in the AAA (AKA Triple-A) classification. That means that they are one step below the major league.

A son of my cousin played professional baseball for a few years. I’ll call him Bob. That isn’t his real name but that is his picture. Bob had played baseball in college and did really well, even winning player of the year. When he graduated in 2000 he was drafted by the Cleveland Indians. Few baseball players start right into the major leagues. Instead he was sent to the Mahoning Valley (PA) Scrappers. That team is just a Single-A team. Those players are paid but according to data online they only get $1000 to $2500 per week. Plus that team plays a short season which is somewhere around 13 weeks.

In 2001 Bob was sent to the Kinston (NC) Indians. That was another Single-A team and they also play a short season. That meant that  Bob got to spend the rest of the summer at another Single-A team; Columbus (OH) Redstixx.

Bob went back to the Kinston Indians at the beginning of the summer 2002. But that was it. He never got up any farther in professional baseball. He end up playing in 212 games over those three years. He probably never made a whole lot of money playing baseball but at least he can say that he was, at least for a time, a professional baseball player.

There are a lot of minor league players that are hoping that maybe they could make it to the major league. Most of the lower level players keep playing because they love the game. The money sure isn’t that good.