New Kodak Booklets

I uploaded two new booklets by Eastman Kodak. First is The Home of Kodak from September 1929. This tells what is made in each of the three Kodak facilities in Rochester. At that time, Kodak Park made film and paper. The Camera Works (downtown) made cameras and Hawk-Eye made lens.

The other Kodak booklet is Welcome to the Open House of the Paper Mills and Baryta Divisions of Eastman Kodak Company that is dated about 1950. It is from a tour that would have been given the families of employees of buildings 50 and 62 where print paper was made .

Picture Software Updated

Updating the software that runs the pictures on GenWeb of Monroe County went fairly well. First thing I needed to do was back-up that section to my computer. It turns out it was about 8gb and it took about 12 twelve hours to download. At least it was running in the background of my computer. I also made a separate copy of the pictures folder on the website. Then this morning I finally dared to click the button to tell the software to update. I was happily surprised when it updated with no problems.

After the update I added a few more pictures. So now there are 3136 pictures to view. The updated software gave me more information on the pictures folder. It says that since November 2012 there have been 24 million picture views . For last week there are an average 24,000 views a day. I never expected that much activity.

Talk on Blanche Stuart Scott

Blanche in 1911.

This Tuesday Maureen Whalen will re-create Blanche Stuart Scott. Blanche drove an automobile across the US in 1910 and also that same year became the first woman to pilot an airplane. I wrote this long blog post on Blanche in 2013. Although Blanche accomplished a lot she may have exaggerated her story in her later years. Hopefully Ms. Whalen will be able to sort out the facts.

Ms Whalen’s talk is put on by the Greece Historical Society at the Greece Public Library, 2 Vince Tofany Blvd. at 7:p.m., Tuesday, Oct. 10th. Admission for members of the Society is free. Non-members are asked for a small donation.

New TV Shows of Fall 1967 – NBC

The highest rated show on NBC for the 1967-68 season would be Bonanza that tied at #4 with Gunsmoke and Family Affair (both on CBS). That year they introduced the character of Candy (David Canary) as the ranch foreman. His character would be featured even more after Dan Blocker died in 1972.

As before, the links in the titles are to Wikipedia where you can find more information on each show.

These were the new shows that aired on CBS starting in fall 1967 (All times Eastern Time Zone):

  • The Mothers-in-Law; Sunday at 8:30. A marriage of two college graduates would bring together two mothers-in-law that were completely different. Eve Arden played the straitlaced mother. She did allow the couple to set up residence in the family garage. Kaye Ballard was the mother-in-law that was off the wall and overbearing. The only thing they had in common was that both like to meddle in the life of their children. This series was written by Madelyn Pugh Davis and Bob Carroll, Jr., who had written I Love Lucy. It managed to stay on for two seasons. The opening and closing are on YouTube.
  • The High Chaparral; Sunday at 10:00. A western about the family of Big John Cannon (Leif Erickson) who settles in Arizona just north of the border with Mexico. In the first episode his wife is killed and then he marries the daughter of his Mexican neighbor. The first episode is on YouTube. I also find that there many episodes on YouTube in German.
  • The Danny Thomas Hour; Monday at 9:00. Having Danny Thomas as the host of this show couldn’t save it. It only lasted one season. Part of the problem was every week it was a different format. Sometimes it would a drama and other times a comedy and even a variety type show with musical guests and comedy sketches. Once they tried a sequel to Danny’s former show. All that did was to confuse the audience.
  • The Jerry Lewis Show; Tuesday at 8:00. Jerry was given another chance for an hour variety series. In some sketches he did characters from some of his movies; like his Nutty Professor. First guest was Barbara Eden. Ratings weren’t very good. Still, they gave Jerry a second season in which they filmed him live. Ratings were worse. Jerry wouldn’t ever get another series on TV. There are a few episodes on YouTube including this episode in which the Nutty Professor makes an appearance.
  • Kraft Music Hall; Wednesday at 9:00. Previously the had been a show that was on about once a month. Now it became a weekly variety show with a new guest host each week. It lasted in this format for 4 seasons.
  • Ironside; Thursday at 8:30. Raymond Burr stars as a consultant to the San Francisco police department. Ironside is paralyzed and must remain in a wheel chair. The series ended up lasting 8 seasons (120 episodes) and Burr ended up being nominated for 6 Emmy awards for the character. The theme song was written by Quincy Jones. Watch the opening and closing on YouTube.
  • Accidental Family; Friday at 9:30. A situation comedy starring Jerry Van Dyke as a widowed nightclub comedian that moves to a farm with his son. It was killed in the ratings and only managed to survive 16 episodes. Jerry would go on to better shows. The first episode is on YouTube.
  • Maya; Saturday at 7:30. This series was an adventure series about two teenage boys in the Indian jungle. An American boy was looking for his missing father. He was played by Jay North who had formerly been Dennis the Menace on TV. The other boy was an Indian boy. As it was filmed in India, it had an authentic look. It was canceled after 18 episodes being made.

The Man for U.N.C.L.E. started having ratings problems and in Jan. 1968 was replaced with Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In.  It was a fast paced comedy show which used some very short clips. Known for creating many creating many catch phrases (“Sock it to me,” “And that’s the truth,” “Her comes the Judge,” Verrrry interesting”). The show ended with the joke wall where each of the cast would pop out of a hole in the wall. The show won Emmy’s for the first two seasons.

Sources used in this series of articles:

  1. The Complete Encyclopedia of Television Programs; 1947-1979 (1979) by Vincent Terrace.
  2. The Complete Directory to Prime Time and Network and Cable TV Shows; 1946-Present (1995) by Tim Brooks and Earle Marsh
  3. Wikipedia


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