Kodak History Notes – Kodachrome

kodachromeOne of the most successful products that Eastman Kodak ever sold was their Kodachrome film. It was first produced in 1935 as movie film but the next year it began being sold as 35mm slide film. For many years it was used for professional color photography, especially for images intended for publication in print. In fact, professional photographs liked this film for its brilliant colors. Originally the film was sold with a process=paid mailer. Then in 1954 a lawsuit put an end to precess-paid mailers in the US. It is said that Kodachrome slides will last for 185 years if stored in darkness. Digital photography put an end to Kodachrome in 2009 after 74 years. The last roll of Kodachrome off the manufacturing line was used by National Geographic photographer Steve McCurry and copies of his photos from that roll are housed at the George Eastman House (museum).

Below is Paul Simon’s song Kodachrome from 1973.

Kodak News

EBP-logoEastman Kodak held a news conference on Monday but the biggest news was in response to a question posed to CFO John McMullen. He said that Kodak had decided to take Eastman Business Park (formerly Kodak Park) off the market. In March 2014 Kodak had said that they would try to sell Eastman Business Park (EBP). It appears that Kodak has realized that leasing portions of their huge parcel makes money. In fact, there are currently at least 40 companies that are leasing parts of EBP.

There are still land parcels outside the fence of EBP that are for sale. For instance there is a 24 acre plot on the east side of Lake Avenue and north of Ridge Road that used to be a parking lot. Kodak also wants to sell or lease the old Hawkeye complex on St. Paul Street even though part of it is being leased by ITT.

The press conference held was to announce collaboration between Kodak and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. They said the agreement is focused on accelerated manufacturing and commercialization of the next generation of batteries and energy storage devices. It is hoped that it will bring more jobs to Rochester in the long run.

Old News – Auto Accident

Even after a hundred years kids are still getting hurt by running into the road without looking. At least in this early case little Miss Peglow was able to survive without any permanent injuries. The article doesn’t say what the speed limit in Fairport was at that time. I would imagine it was probably only 15 or 20 miles per hour.


Fairport, NY
Thursday, June 10, 1915


Viola Peglow Runs in Front of Big Machine and Has Miraculous Escape From Death, Thursday Evening.

ad-1915-06-10Viola Peglow the six-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Peglow of Deland Park B., had a narrow escape from death or serious injury., Thursday evening, when she was struck by large touring car in North Main street, while attempting to cross the street near Mrs. J. D. Harris; residence.

Shortly before 7 o’clock, as the little girl was playing with friends on the east side of Main street, she saw her mother on the opposite side of the street and ran towards her. Apparently the child did not see the big car approaching from the south and ran directly in it path.

Mr Snow of Rochester, who was driving the car, applied the emergency brakes immediately and turned the automobile into the curb to avoid striking the little one, but in spite of his prompt action, a mudguard struck the girl a glancing blow on the left shoulder, rolling her over and over for several feet.

E. C. Meachum was nearby at the time the accident occurred, and was the first to reach the child, who was found to be in an unconscious condition. He carried the little girl to the home of her parents, while the autoist went at once for a physician and later for the child’s father, who was employed .

The child regained consciousness in about an hour and from the examination of Dr. C. E. White, it appeared no bones were broken, although the left shoulder was badly cut and the body covered with bruise.

Those who saw the accident claim the autoist was exercising ordinary judgement in driving hs car at the time of the accident happened, but apparently the child failed entirely to see or hear the automobile approaching.

Although in this case it is said the driver was not exceeding the speed limit, yet residents of North Main street declare that the ordinance is being violated every day by autoists who “let out” their cars as soon as they strike the pavement just north of the New York Central tracks.

Talk on WWII Movies

Donovan ShillingDonovan Shilling will talk about Movies of World War II  on June 9th at the Greece Public Library at 7:00 pm.

World War II was a dramatic time for many people. The motion picture industry was especially alert to concerns the public had for our service men fighting overseas. They not only produced the usual movies, but also made such patriotic films as Gualacanal Diary, One Minute to Zero, Five Graves to Cairo and the classic: Casablanca. They also made full length feature productions called The Ramparts We Watch. Come hear about how the public and little kids reacted to these wartime movies.

Donovan Shilling is a native of Fairport, NY and a retired teacher and school principal.  He has also taught classes on local history to adults at the Rochester Museum and Science Center for more than 20 years. Mr. Shilling  has written more than 11 books about characters, places and events in Rochester.  His latest books, Rochester’s Movie Mania, It’s Showtime in Rochester and Made in Rochester will be for sale at the conclusion of the program.

The public is welcome. Reservation are not required. Greece Historical Society members free.  A $3.00 donation is appreciated from others.

Old News – Suffrage Debate

The Chautauqua Institution has been providing talks on religious and political subjects since 1874. They are also a venue for music and theater. During the summer season which this year runs from June 27 – Aug. 30, the community is closed to auto traffic and you park in a lot across Route 394. You can stay in on-site accommodations or from Rochester make it a long day trip.


Thursday, June 3, 1915


Miss Helen Todd and Miss Lucy Price to Clash at Chautauqua.


Lively Time Predicted When Champions of Both Sides of Woman Suffrage Question Line Up For Verbal Battle Under the Big Brown Tent.

1915-06-03-toddIt is quite in Keeping with the progressive spirit of the Chautauqua that it should present a debate on one of the most interesting and most important subjects of the day. The third afternoon of the Chautauqua week will include a debate on “Equal Suffrage” by two of the foremost authorities on the different sides of that question.

For the affirmative Miss Helen Todd of California, known throughout the country for her manifold activities in social welfare movements, will hold forth. Miss Todd is eminently fitted to assume this work. She has been educated in our leading universities and also studied for three years in Berlin, Paris and Dresden.

Miss Lucy Price will represent the anti-suffragists in this debate. Miss Price is a graduate of Vassar, where she majored in philosophy and logic. She is the executive secretary of the Ohio State Anti-Suffrage association and was a large factor in defeating the equal suffrage amendment in the recent election in that state. She has been very prominent in debating the question throughout the country and is considered to be one of the most eloquent, forceful and logical speakers that have appeared on either side.


Top Songs of 1965 – #12

Beach_Boys_-_Help_Me,_RhondaThe Beach Boys are back with only their second number one hit song with “Help Me, Rhonda.” This song was written by Brian Wilson and Mike Love. It is about how a guy was attracted to a girl who then found another guy. He then begs Rhonda to help him with his healing process. There is another version of the song titled “Help Me, Ronda” (note spelling) that is slightly different.

“Help Me, Rhonda” was the top song on Billboard Hot 100 chary for 3 weeks (May 29 – June 5) and on the Cash Box record chart it was the number one for only the week of June 6 – 12).

There is a movie about Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys called “Love & Mercy” that is being released this Friday. It deals with Brian’s psychological problems that inferred with his musical career for many years;. Brian is also touring this summer in support of his new album, “No Pier Pressure.” Visit his website for tour dates. The closest tour date nearest Rochester is in Toronto on July 4th.

Download Beach Boys songs (for a small fee) from Amazon.com.

Short Genealogy Notes

holy-sep-logoHoly Sepulchre Cemetery in Rochester has added death dates to their online records. Previously they had burial dates but no death dates online. Start from their search page and after you find someone, click on “More Information / Condolences” to see the death date.

Mocavo has made U. S. census searches free for everyone. You have to use this special link as I wasn’t able to find a way to get to this search from their main page. Mocavo tries to sell their plus service. You will have to decide for yourself if is something you need to subscribe to.

It appears that Ancestry.com (and their other websites) are for sale. This story on Reutors says that the parent company, Permira Advisers LLC,  has hired investment banks to run an auction. Permira, who is an investment firm, bought Ancestry in 2010 for $1.6 billion and expects to get $2.5 to $3 billion from the sale.

Old News – Baptist Home

The Fairport Baptist Home referred to in this 100 year article is still go strong. It started as a nursing home for elderly people that need assistance and lived on the east side of Monroe County. Today, they also do rehabilitation for people after a hospital stay and also do home visits so the elderly can live in their own home.

The ad shows that Mr. Bown was still doing horse shoeing and fixing wagons. At the same time, he was also prepared for the future by selling autos and repairing them.


Thursday, May 27, 1915


ad-1915-05-27Mrs Bohall, our oldest resident, recently celebrated her ninetieth birthday. The Montgomery class of Lake Avenue church, Rochester, brought a large birthday cake, which was beautifully ornamented, and admired by all; later each had an opportunity to prove its excellency by tasting. Dr. Ricker gave a rare plant in bloom; there were also cut flowers. The class supplied many useful and ornamental articles for her personal use. Mrs. Bohall is remarkably well preserved for one of her years. She walks about, reads, writes, sews, etc., with much of her old-time agility.

May 19th, Miss M. A. Cogswell’s seventy-ninth birthday, was observed by several of the family who gave an impromptu entertainment of readings and recitations. Miss Cogswell herself contributed a recitation, also a beautiful song. She received congratulations and gifts from friends both inside and outside the Home.

Memorial Day – 2015

memorial-dayThe children on this old postcard are going to decorate the graves of our veterans that died during our past wars.

Just a reminder that there lists of veteran burials for some towns on the cemetery page of the GenWeb of Monroe County. Those records came from the Veteran’s Service Agency which at one time tried to flag all veteran graves in the county.


Top Songs of 1965; #11

The Beatles were back on the top of the record charts with “Ticket to Ride.” The writers are listed as Lennon-McCartney but some people say that Paul only wrote a small portion of the song. The song was also released on the album Help! which was released in August to coincide with the release of the film of the same name.

“Ticket to Ride” was on the top of the Billboard Hot 100 record chart for the week of May 16 – 22. Then it was the number one song on the Cash Box record chart for the week of May 23 – 29.

The Beatles’ songs can only legally be downloaded from the iTunes store. There is a version of iTunes for PCs as well as Apple products.