1961 East High Yearbook

I uploaded the Orient 1961. That is the yearbook for East High School in Rochester. There were pictures of 337 seniors that graduated in June and another 13 that graduated in August. Then 7 seniors didn’t have a picture. No pictures of students in the under classes except if they were in some sports or activities. One of the class of 1961 was Gordon Urlacher (right) who was Chief of Police from 1985 – 1991. In 1992 he was convicted of three counts of embezzlement and one count of conspiracy for stealing police funds. Also in this class are twins with the surname of Suttera and a girl and a guy with the surname Sutera who appear to not be related.

This yearbook was originally property of one of the seniors so there is a lot of writing. I did erase the three pages of text that her boyfriend wrote as it was a little too personal.

The binding was tight on this yearbook and it made it difficult scanning some of the edges of the pages. As a result, you may notice that some text along the edges looks compressed.

Rochester Public Library has yearbooks for East High from 1904 to 1940 on their “School Heritage Collection” web page.

Additions to Monroe Co. GenWeb in 2017

Added all kinds of things to the GenWeb website this year. I was surprised when I looked at the What’s New page to find that I only added 2 web pages. Those would be the the Newspaper extracts for Jan. 1833 – June 1833 and July 1833 – Dec. 1833 that I just added last week. Everything else added was in PDF format. Top among the additions was 16 Monroe County High School yearbooks that can be found on the Online Books page.

Also on the online books page, I added 13 issues of Life at McCurdys which was a news magazine for employees. Then on the Kodak page I added 13 employee magazines for Kodak Park and 3 for Camera Works.

I finally finished my Genealogical Guide to Monroe County. Then had to go back and edit the chapter on Vital Records when the death index for NY State was obtained by Reclaim the Records. That group has also filed Freedom of Information requests for the marriage and birth indexes. Don’t expect to see those indexes online until at least summer.

Added 13 more theater programs. I thought that there was enough that enough programs that I added a separate index page for theater programs.

Added a menu bar to all web pages. It might not be the best looking menu but it works on any size device; from mobile phone to giant 70 inch TV monitor.

Other highlights:

For 2018 there will be more yearbooks. I also have lots and lots of Kodak things that I would like to scan but probably won’t get to all of it.. More TV guides from the early 1950s and more theater programs. Maybe a multi-media presentation. I never really know for sure what I will end up scanning as I get new things from garage sales, estate sales and book sales. There may be some treasures at those sales which get moved to the top of the scanning stack.

Top Hit Songs of 1967 – #25

The Beatles are ending 1967 with an appropriate songs; “Hello, Goodbye.” It was on the top of the record charts for the last week of 1967 and the first week of 1968. It was written solely by Paul McCartney but because of legal contacts it is credited as being written by Lennon-McCartney. The song was not on any of the original albums of The Beatles but would be on later complication albums.

The Beatles filmed three promotional videos for the song. The first promo (below) was shown on the Ed Sullivan Show on Nov, 26, 1967. In it the group is wearing the costumes that they wore on the front of the Sgt. Pepper’s album. There are a couple of cut-away where the group are wearing their 1963-era matching collarless suits. The ending of the video has some girls that you must watch the whole video for.

So ends the hit songs for 1967. The top rated song for the year ended up being “To Sir, With Love” by Lulu.

Marriages & Deaths 1833

I extracted all the marriages and deaths from all the Rochester newspapers for 1833. There were a few months of the Rochester Daily Advertiser that were missing for that year. That publisher also printed the Rochester Republican which was a weekly that usually had the same notices. But the whole year of the Republican is missing. Supposedly the Rochester Daily Democrat started being published in Jan. 1833. The oldest issue still in existence is for Feb. 1834. There were lesser known newspapers that may have had all the notices in the other missing newspapers.

Marriages & Deaths; Jan. 1833 – June 1833
Marriages & Deaths; July 1833 – Dec. 1833

There are three death notices for Mary Jemison who was known as the “White Woman f the Genesee.” One misspells her name. Another long article gives some biographical information but it almost completely wrong. Although Mary was originally buried on the Buffalo Creek Reservation (Erie Co.), in 1874 her remains were moved to the present Letchworth Park which was land that she used to own.