Top Songs of 1965; #3

Gary-Lewis-&-the-PlayboysThe next song to go all the way to the top of the record charts in 1965 was “This Diamond Ring” by Gary Lewis and the Playboys. The song was written by Al Kooper, Bob Brass, and Irwin Levine. It was first recorded by Sammy Ambrose but his version was not a hit.

Gary Lewis, the son of comedian Jerry Lewis, started the band with four friends when he was 18. The group auditioned for a job at Disneyland, without telling them about Lewis’ celebrity father. They were hired on the spot, audiences at Disneyland quickly accepted them, and the Playboys were soon playing to a full house every night. Record producer Snuff Garrett set the group up with a recording session and brought along the song “This Diamond Ring.” None of the Playboys are playing on the song. Instead, the music was performed by a session group called  The Wrecking Crew.

The group had a string of hit songs through 1968 but “this Diamond Ring” was the group’s only number one. In January 1967 Gary Lewis was drafted into the U. S. Army. After being discharged Gary tried but was unable to regain his group’s earlier success. He still tours. mostly on cruise ships. The tour schedule can be found on the group’s website. Note: That website starts playing music on opening.

“This Diamond Ring” was the top song on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for the weeks of Feb. 14 – 27. It was on the top of the Cash Box record chart for only the week of Feb. 21 – 27.

More Genealogy on TV

The TLC channel is having a show this weekend on adoption stories. Long Lost Family has two adoptees teaming up with hosts Chris Jacobs and Lisa Joyner to embark on an emotional journey that sees them through the ups and downs of trying to track down loved ones they’re so anxious to meet.


  • Christopher Hanson hasn’t seen his mother in 30 years. After being left in a grocery store parking lot when he was only 6-years-old, Christopher has been haunted by this memory for most of his life and has always longed to reunite with his mother. Eventually adopted by a loving family, Christopher is desperate to unlock the mysteries of what happened on that day and discover exactly why he never saw his mom again.
  • Paula, a 54-year-old grandmother of 10, knows very little about her biological family. She is longing to meet them and find out why her parents kept her for a few days, only to give her up and never reach out again.

This show is on TLC on March 1st at 10:00 pm (eastern).

WDYTYA-bannerThen a week later Who Do You Think You Are? (WDYTYA) returns for another season  this tie with 8 episodes. This series profiles celebrities and this season they are traveling even more around the world than before to the stories of the ancestors of those celebrities. The schedule for this season is:

  • March 8           Julie Chen travels to China to learn more about her grandfather.
  • March 15         Josh Groban discovers his 8x great-grandfather was a highly educated and renowned scientist that studied astronomy, and was quoted by Isaac Newton himself.
  • March 22         Angie Harmon turns back the clock to explore an ancestor connected with George Washington.
  • March 29         Sean Hayes jets to Ireland to celebrate his Irish roots.
  • April 5              Tony Goldwyn is familiar with his prestigious paternal Hollywood lineage, but knows little about his mother’s side of the family. In his episode, he comes to learn about his 3x great-grandparents, who fought for women’s rights and westward expansion
  • April 12            America Ferrera brings the series to Honduras for the first time ever, learns about the father she barely knew, and unravels her great-grandfather’s role in the violent Central American political system
  • April 19            Bill Paxton visits a Revolutionary War battle site to walk in his ancestors’ steps.
  • April 26            Melissa Etheridge heads to Quebec to trace the history of her paternal side, learns about the scandalous marriage of her 6x great-grandparents.

For a preview of this season visit this web page. WDYTYA airs on the TLC channel 10 pm (eastern).

Honeoye Falls HS Yearbooks

320.pdfThe New York Heritage website has added a digital collection of high school yearbooks from the Honeoye Fall Central School (later Honeoye Falls Lima High School). This collection was digitized by the Mendon Public Library.  The Honeoye Falls – Lima Yearbooks Collection contains those yearbooks for the years of 1954 through 2009. These yearbooks are in PFD format and can be viewed online or downloaded and saved to your computer.

Old News – Gambling Raid

Illegal gambling has always been a problem. It doesn’t say what kind of gambling was being done at this place in Brockport.

The Brockport Republic
Brockport, NY

Thursdays, February 25, 1915



A Clean Scoop by the Official.
No Tip-off this time.

ad-2015-02-25Brockport officials are receiving congratulations on their recent efforts toward ridding the village of gambling rooms. The raid made early Sunday morning brought before the public notice a gambling room run it is said by Walter King. It was located in the upper rooms of a block owned by H. N. Johnston on the south side of Market street. For some weeks the place had been under suspicion and the officers had awaited an opportune time to take final steps toward closing it. On Saturday evening the final necessary information was received and shortly after midnight the officers headed by Police Justice Homer C. Holmes armed with the private knock made their to the place. Much to their surprise it was not found necessary to use the knock as the door opened to permit two men to go out just as they reached the door. The proverbial ostrich was was set in it compared with the absurd efforts of some of the men in their endeavors to hide. The door at the rear opening out on a narrow wooden platform was guarded from the outside by two officers and they found it all they could do to hold the door shut. Some even attempted to climb through a small transom. When the occupants had been thoroughly convinced by the police that they were unable to escape the names of about twenty-five men were taken. Walter King was arrested and this week has paid a good sized fine. No other prosecutions have been started so far but those found in the place are to be closely watched and according to the law, proceedings may be instituted any time during the next five years. Most of those found in the place were ordinary run of persona who might be expected there but there were also several men and boys of whom much more might be expected. One of the fellows caught thought seriously enough of the affair so that he made a hurried trip to Chicago Sunday night.

Early Rochester Family Records

I have completed a project that I have wanted to do for many years. That is transcribing the genealogies in the newspaper column titled “Early Rochester Family Records by Anah Babcock Yates. Her column ran in the Post Express from from July 9, 1910 to Apr. 13, 1912 when it abruptly ceased. Mrs Yates was one of the founders of the Rochester Historical Society and an active member of the Daughters of the American Revolution. She also was state genealogist of the New York Historical Society for many years. She had access to genealogical data that others did not have. The title of the column is misleading as there are family records from the whole of Monroe County, not just Rochester. Only problem is that her newspaper column contained very few reference sources.

I put the transcribed columns in the “biographies” section of the GenWeb of Monroe County website. Start on the Biographies index page. The newspaper columns are on pages 41 to 47.

Mrs. Yates also did the same kind of column in two other local area newspapers. Some day I hope to transcribe those columns.

Genealogy Roadshow – Feb. 24

roadshow-2“Genealogy Roadshow” is having the finale for this season on Tuesday, Feb. 24th. This episode is going to be memorable stories from the first two seasons of the series. The episode airs on most PBS stations at 8 p.m.
You can watch some of the episodes on the “Genealogy Roadshow” video page. They also have some clips. PBS only keeps episodes available for a limited time then they go away so if you want to watch episodes, don’t wait.
Although “Genealogy Roadshow” is done for this season another genealogy series comes back again next month. More information coming before that season premier.

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Old News – Ice Skating

This winter has been cold and great weather for ice skating and other winter sports. This article refers to Eastern Widewaters which was a basin on the Erie Canal where boats could stop overnight. What is left of the Eastern Widewaters is now called Lake Riley in Cobbs Hill Park. For ice skating in Rochester in 2015 see this page

Rochester, NY

Wednesday, February 19, 1915

Please Do Not Telephone Mr. Laney at His Home; Skating Is Good

lady-1915-02-19Superintendent of Parks C. C. Laney says he is glad that so many people in Rochester like to skate on the on the park ponds and he tries to keep then as thoroughly unformed as to the status of the ice day by day as is humanly possible, but he does think that skaters should have enough consideration for his comfort to refrain from dragging him to the telephone from his meals and even from his bed to inform them if the sport is “toward” upon their favorite lakes.

The superintendent says that within the last three days, he will bet he has answered no less than three score such calls at his own residence and he says that there are sufficient inquiries at the park board office to keep both his telephones humming until midnight.

And now for the benefit of those skaters who get their information from the newspapers Mr. Laney announces that there is good skating on every park except Highland. So many blades have been cleaving the ice at Eastern Widewaters that it has become badly cup up and is being planed t-day in preparation for the horde of skaters this evening. All the other ponds, except at Highland are in ideal condition.

There is, however, no coasting and the park authorities are of the opinion that that sport has passed for the year. (Note: In this case, “coasting” refers to sledding.)

Local History & Genealogy Dept. Closed for Renovations

local-historyThe Local History & Genealogy Department of the Central Library of Rochester & Monroe County will be closed for renovations on Thursday, February 19 and Friday, February 20. The department will re-open to the public at 10:00 am on Saturday, February 21. The renovations will accommodate the new Walter F. Becker Digital History Center, providing patrons state-of-the-art access to scanning equipment and other cutting-edge digital technologies. The new center will include seven ScanPro digital microfilm/microfiche readers, as well as a variety of photo and document scanners– all of which will be available free of charge.

Road Blocks Researching Mental Patients

pittsburgh-post-gazetteThere was this article  in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette this last Sunday which tells of trying to investigate family members that were former patients in mental hospitals. Some of the road blocks are related to government restricts of records from even over a hundred years old.  Some very basic information, such as burial locations are sometimes withheld. The article tells of the frustrations that family genealogist have when trying to get even the basic information on their relatives.

RootsTech Blog Posts and Videos

rootstechRootsTech 2015 is over and you there are many blog posts on what took place at the convention. Randy Seaver has collected blog posts from 47 genealogy  bloggers. As some bloggers have many posts, there are over 100 posts to read, in total. That list may increase over the next couple of days as some of the bloggers may not have made it back home, yet.

If you weren’t able to see all the streaming videos from RootsTech, then you will be able to see the recorded sessions. Currently this page, has all of the recorded sessions from Thursday and some from Friday. Within the next few days, the rest of those recorded sessions from Friday and Saturday should be added to that web page. Hopefully they will include the full session with Donny Osmond where he not only talks about doing family history but also sings a few songs.

FamilySearch has this “channel” on You Tube that has 10 short videos from RootsTech 2015.

Dear Myrtle has this “channel” on You Tune where she did what she calls her “Ambush Cam.” These are 12 short interviews that she did on the exhibit floor.

It may take you a few days to read all of the blog posts and watch all the videos from this year’s RootsTech. It will be worth your time to find out what is new in genealogy.