Old News – Men Leave for War

The local men that were drafted into World War I had to leave for training. There was a lot of people to see them off. They would be headed to Europe as “doughboys” within a few months. That war had been going on since 1914. Even though it would end on 11 Nov. 1919 the US would have 116,708 causalities in the war.

The ad is for a grocery store in Fairport. At that time most of the groceries were behind the counter and you had to ask the grocer for what you needed. When I moved to Rochester in 1975 there was still a grocery store like that across the street on Portland Ave. It closed after about a year.


Wednesday, Oct. 3, 1917

Drafted Men Leave

A crowd variously estimated at from five to seven thousand people gathered in this village Thursday morning to do honor to the second contingent of drafted men to leave from District No. 3. Public exercises were held at the town hall as previously announced in the Herald and the men were provided with comfort kits and Bibles before they left on their journey to Camp Dix.

Bands from East Rochester, Penfield, Webster and Fairport rendered selections during the period of waiting before departure and also served as an escort for the men in their march from the hall to the station.

The train was scheduled to leave at 8:45 but it was fully 9:15 before it arrived and the men entrained for their long trip to the training camp. In the meantime friends and relatives made the most of the time left them for saying farewells and many of the boys looked as though their arms ached from the almost continual hand-shaking.

Cards subsequently received here by relatives indicate that the boys arrived safely at camp and entered upon their new duties with spirit and enthusiasm.

1956 Yearbook for John Marshall

I uploaded John Quill 1956, the yearbook for John Marshall High School in Rochester. This is a large yearbook with 136 pages from a large school. There were 264 seniors that graduated in 1956. Look at how big even the junior and senior choirs are. They also have large football and soccer teams.

Throughout this yearbook the pictures are of better quality than usual. There is a picture of a girl’s volleyball game that is taken inside which is usually difficult to take but this one is well lite.

Senior statistics like which clubs, teams and other activities they are in are in separate section after the sports section.

There are homeroom pictures that are mixed in with the ads. Some of them, like the one pictured have printed autographs of the students.

“Finding Your Roots” back again

Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

The 4th season of “Finding Your Roots” hosted by Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates. Jr. starts on Oct. 3rd at 8 p.m. on PBS. This series has two or more guests that find stories of ancestors. Prof. Gates uses DNA to show how we are all related no matter what our ethnicity is.

This season will consist of 10 episodes. The first episode has Larry David and Bernie Sanders as guests. Guests in other episodes this season are Ted Danson, Bryant Gumbel, Gaby Hoffmann, William H. Macy, Lupita Nyong’o, Amy Schumer, Carly Simon, Mary Steenburgen and Christopher Walken

Old News – Our Lady of Mercy School

The article deals with property that would be used for Our Lady of Mercy High School. It would take years for the school to be built. It would finally open in 1928 with 75 freshmen and 5 faculty. It would remain a High School until 1990 when they added grades 7 and 8. Then in 2012 when they added grade 6 the name would be changed to Our Lady of Mercy School for Young Women.

The school building was designed by noted Rochester architect J. Foster Warner (1859-1937).


Friday, Sept. 28, 1917

Large Tract Given to Sisters of Mercy

By a  deed recorded in the office of the county clerk Monday Miss Ellen Tolan and Miss Mary A. Tolan of East avenue, Brighton, transfer eighteen acres of land on the south side of Blossom road to the Sisters of Mercy, of South street. The land will be used for the use of the Rochester Benevolent, Industrial and Scientific School of the Sister of Mercy.

The property is located a short distance from Clover street. It has a frontage of 650 feet in Blossom road. It had been in the possession of the late John P. Tolan for many years.

A convent, school and chapel to the memory of the donors’ family will be erected. Details for the improvement of the property have not been completed.

New TV Shows of Fall 1967 – CBS


CBS had good ratings for the previous year. The 1967-68 season would also be great for them as they had 7 shows in the top 10 for the season. The number one show of that season was The Andy Griffith Show, number two was The Lucy Show; number 3 was Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C., all on CBS.

The links in the titles are to Wikipedia where you can find more information on each show.

These were the new shows that aired on CBS in fall 1967 (All times Eastern Time Zone):

  • Gentle Ben; Sunday at 7:30. First it was a novel, then a movie and in fall 1967 a TV series about a boy with a pet bear. It starred Dennis Weaver and Clint Howard (Ron’s younger brother) as his son. Produced in Florida by Ian Tors, who had also produced Flipper. A moderate hit for this first season at number 19 for the season. The next year it dropped considerably and was cancelled after 58 episodes had been made. Ben was portrayed by several bears depending on what was needed in a scene. Watch the opening on YouTube.
  • The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour; Sunday at 9:00. Actually this had been a replacement series in February and it was returning for it’s first full season. The brothers got in trouble with the CBS censors over jokes about drugs, the President and the War in Vietnam. As their guest on Sept. 10th was Pete Seeger who had been banned on TV for 17 years because of being a socialist (and former communist). His performance of “Waist Deep in the Big Muddy” was a protest to the War in Vietnam and it was edited out of the broadcast. Pete was later asked back on the show and performed the song (here on YouTube). Other musical groups popular at the time were guests on the show making it the best TV show for younger viewers to see groups performing live. Tom and Dick continued to get in trouble with the censors and even though it was renewed for the next season it was abruptly cancelled in April 1969 with one episode which was never shown.
  • The Carol Burnett Show; Monday at 10:00. Carol had been on other TV shows for many years. The first shows being ones starring Gary Moore. This was a variety show that had musical guests but the prime part of the show was comedy sketches with Harvey Korman and frequent guest Tim Conway. Tim would become permanent part of the cast in the 5th season. A 17 year old Vicki Lawrence had written to Carol saying that she  looked a lot like Carol. She was given an audition and was first in sketches portraying Carol’s younger sister. Later she would become “Mama” to Carol’s character Eunice. The show would last 11 seasons and by that time their were very few variety shows left on evening TV.
    The shows have been repackaged as the half hour show Carol Burnett and Friends which is running on MeTV (Rochester channel 10-2) at 11 p.m.
  • Good Morning, World; Tuesday at 9:30. A comedy about two DJs that do a morning show. This was a starring vehicle for Ronnie Schell who had been fairly popular as one of Gomer’s friends on Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Lackluster and very forgettable show that did have Goldie Hawn in the minor role as a neighbor.
  • He and She; Wednesday at 9:30. This situation comedy starred real married couple Paula Prentiss and Dick Benjamin. Dick was a cartoonist who had his character, Jetman, turned into a TV series. That show within the show starred Jack Cassidy as the egomaniac actor. It is said that his character served as the archetype for Ted Baxter on The Mary Tyler Moors Show. All three actors were nominated for Emmy awards. The series would win an Emmy for writing. Despite the awards, it was cancelled after a just one season. Episode number one is below.
  • Dundee and the Culhane; Wednesday at 10:00. A western about a lawyer and his apprentice. Starred the great actor John Mills. Ratings after a few episodes were dismal and it was soon canceled with just 13 episodes being made.
  • Cimarron Strip; Thursday at 7:30. A 90 minute western starring Stuart Whitman as Marshal Jim Crown. This was from producers of Gunsmoke and it was in response tothe hit show The Virginia on NBC that was also 90 minutes. It only managed to air for just one season. Watch the opening on YouTube.
  • Mannix; Saturday at 10:00. In this first season of Mannix, played by Mike Connors, he worked at a large agency with employees using computers to help solve crimes. Mannix was always working against the verdict of the computers. After the first season Mannix was working on his own with a faithful secretary. The series ended up running 8 seasons (194 episodes). Watch the opening & closing from the first season on YouTube.

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