Old News – Christmas

A couple of short articles related to Christmas traditions.


Wednesday, Dec. 23, 1915

Mistletoe Superstitions

santa-1914-12-23What superstitions cluster, thick as it berries, round the mistletoe! In old times such were its magic powers that it was worn as an amulet, and potent love potions were brewed from it. It cured wounds, enabled any who held it not only to see ghosts, but to compel them to speak. And that its magic is not all lost will be proved this Christmastide in thousands of our homes, where its white berries lend sanction to the osculatory homage paid to pretty faces.

Yule Log Must Be of Ash.

In Devonshire the Yule log, to be a luck bringer, must consist of a bundle of ash sticks bound around with bands of the same tree, nine in number, no more and no fewer. And every time the bundle cracks in the flames the good host must furnish a fresh bowl of liquor to his guests.

More Cine-Kodak News

cine-kodak-christmasI finished scanning my collection of Cine-Kodak News. It was a magazine for people that were making home movies using Kodak cameras. It gave tips for both the amateur and the advanced movie maker. The first issue was in 1924 and the last was in either 1946 or 1947.  They did skip a few years during World War II. Most of the issues are in black & white, as most movies were in those days. A few issues were partially in color to introduce their Kodachrome film.

This time I uploaded 17 issues from 1936 – 1942. To see just those go to the “What’s New page.” To see the entire collection that I have scanned over the last two years, see the Kodak Book page.

It appears that no library has a complete collection of Cine-Kodak News. The Rochester Public Library collection is missing many issues. University of Rochester, who got their collection from the former Kodak Library, is also missing many issues.