Old News – Men Enlisted in WWI

World War I is still going on 100 years ago. The Brockport newspaper ran a list of men that have joined the military. The US has only been in the fight for 3 months so none of the area men have been sent overseas as of yet.

I cheated on the ad. It was from the Catholic Journal. How could I resist a play with actual Native Americans telling a story of their people. I am not sure if this play was based on Longfellow’s poem, “The Song of Hiawatha” or the real person that was a co-founder of the Iroquois Confederacy. I would think that the play was based on the poem.


Thursday, July 19, 1917


The following list gives the names of some of the boys from Brockport and vicinity who have enlisted. We realize that this is not complete and will appreciate it if friends or relatives hand us the names of those who have been omitted.

Earl Anderson — 2nd Ambulance Co., N. Y. G.
Lyman Avery — Mosquito Fleet, Marblehead
Fred Banker — 2nd Ambulance Co., N. Y. G.
Harold Burch — Rochester Base Hospital
John Cassarette — 2nd N. Y. Ambulance Co.
Roy Chadsey
Percy Church
Harry Coleman — Co. E, 4th Inf., Brownsville, Texas
Loyd Coleman — Mosquito Fleet, Marblehead
Milton Conkling — Buffalo Base Hospital
Rodney Dobson — Naval Coast Reserve
Dennis Duffy — 2nd Ambulance Co., N. Y. G.
Roy Early
Cecil Efford — 33rd Regiment, Mich. N. G.
Samuel Efford — 33rd Regiment, Mich. N. G.
Joe Fishbaugh
George Frawley — 2nd Ambulance Co., N. Y. G.
Frank Goffe
Spencer Gooding — Mosquito Fleet, Marblehead
Stanley C. Goold — 33rd Regiment, Mich. N. G.
Charles Harsch — Co. F, 28th Inf., McAllen, Tex.
Kenneth Heinrich — Hospital Corps., Penn. N. G.
Georg Hudson
John Hyland
Herbert Lane — Officers’ Reserve, Madison Barracks
Donald Lawler — Naval Coast Patrol
Merrill Long — 2nd Ambulance Co., N. Y. G.
W. Ray Lorback – Infantry
James McLaughlin — Aviation Corps
Clarence Michaels — 3rd Reg. N. Y. Infantry
Harold Miller — Naval Coast Patrol
Austin Morrison — Aviation Corps
Dennis Murray — 2nd Ambulance Co., N. Y. G.
Cecil Meyers — Troop F, 8th Cav., Ft. Bliss, Tex.
Charles McCoy
George Minot — Red Cross, Buffalo
George L. Murray, Hamlin — Engineer Corps
Jerry Murray
Patrick Murray
Raymond Patte — 2nd Ambulance Co., N. Y. G.
James L. Pease – Detachment G, Signal Corps, Fort Leavenworth
James Reed
William Richardson — Sam Houston, Texas
Joseph Ryan – Officers’ Reserve, Madison Barracks
Emerson Reed — 33rd Regiment, Mich. N. G.
Roy F. Robinson — Civil Eng. Corps, Ft. McDowall
George Ryan — 3rd Reg. N. Y. Infantry
Edward B. Simmons — 2nd Ambulance Co.
John Shepherd — Quartermasters’ Dept., Naval Reserve
Archie Smead — 2nd Ambulance Co., N. Y. G.
Angelo Strong — 15h Reg., Co. C., Marines
Boyd Williams — Buffalo Base Hospital
Robert Winne
Edward Ward
Myron Whitlock — Mosquito Fleet, Marblehead
Fred Wilcox
Edwin Witney — Mosquito Fleet, Newport News

1946 Franklin Yearbook

I uploaded the 1946 yearbook for Benjamin Franklin High School in Rochester. For this year, there were 393 seniors graduating. Look at how big the choirs were in this school. Same for the girl’s bowling team.

There is an interesting 5 page article on “The War Years” that tells what the students did during WWII to help out the war effort.

Some rotten person cut out someone from the basketball team. That means that on the back of that page two of the members of the cross-country team are cut in half. I also can’t figure out why some people would sign over the top of their picture.

It says in the yearbook that these are two pictures on the right are of the same girl. I’m not so sure if they are really both Marie.

The Rochester Public Library has yearbooks online for Franklin HS for the years 1933 to 1940. Go to their School Heritage Collection web page to see all that they have available.

Top Hit Songs of 1967 – #14

The next song to hit the top spot on the record charts in 1967 was by Francesco Stephen Castelluccio. You will know him better by his stage name, Frankie Valli. After many hit songs with his group, The Four Seasons, he had his first solo hit with “Can’t Take My Eyes Of You.” That song was written by Bob Crewe and Bob Gaudio (the keyboard player of The Four Seasons). Frankie would do more solo songs and at the same time continue with the group. Even at age 83 he still is touring. Check out the website for tour dates, photos etc.

I heard The Four Seasons (with Frankie) about 1965. They were appearing at the Chemung County Fair and I tried to see them through a hole in a board fence but couldn’t see them no matter how hard I tried. I still could hear them. They sounded great even on my side of the fence!

“Can’t Take My Eyes Of You” was the top song on the Cash Box record chart for two non-consecutive weeks; July 9 – 15 and again July 23 -29. The song didn’t make it up to number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. It did make it up to #2 for the week of July 16 -22 but couldn’t knocked The Association with “Windy” off number one.

Old New – Old Recipes

Here are some old recipes. I can’t guarantee that are good recipes or that they are maintain safe food handling. Then to go with your food is a cartoon about coffee.


Friday, July 13, 1917

Home Cookery

Veal and Ham Pie.

To make a moderate sized pie take half pound of neck of veal, a quarter of a pound of ham, two hard boiled eggs, a little parsley, mixed herbs and pastry. Remove the meat from the bones and put in a saucepan to stew, then add the meat to cook partly while the crust is made and the eggs are boiled. Take out the meat and fill the pie dish with alternate layers of veal, ham and egg cut into thick slices and sprinkled over with the herbs and seasoning. Then strain the gravy into the dish until it is about half full. Wet the edges, line with a strip of thin pastry, then cover. Make holes in the top, then decorate the pie and bake in a moderate oven for one hour.

Apple Sauce Cake.

Cream one cupful of sugar and one-half cupful of shortening. Dissolve one teaspoonful of soda in a little hot water and stir this in one cupful of sour apple sauce, letting it from over into the mixing bowl. Add nearly or quite two cupfuls of flour sifted with one teaspoonful of cinnamon, one-half teaspoonful of cloves and a little nutmeg. Mix thoroughly, then add one cupful of raisins. Bake in a loaf tin about forty-five minutes.

Prune Tartlets.

Line small tins with pastry; in each put a tablespoonful of prune pulp, prepared by rubbing cooked prunes with their juice through a sieve and adding two tablespoonfuls of fine bread crumbs to each cupful of fruit; cover with mixture of two tablespoonfuls of butter and sugar beaten to a cream with two eggs, two-thirds cupful of breadcrumbs, ten drops of almond extract and a teaspeenful of baking powder.

1917 Catholic HS Yearbook

I added the 1917 yearbook for Rochester Catholic High School. That school was located next to St. Patrick’s Cathedral on land that is now part of Kodak Office. It was a school only for boys. The class of 1917 had two departments. The Academic Department had 27 graduates and the Commercial Department had 26.

There are pictures of the under classes but without any names. It appears that they only had two sports teams; basketball and baseball. There are pictures of 6 baseball players but no pictures of the baseball team.

Almost half of the 128 page yearbook consists of advertising. But mixed within the ads is a complete list of students for the 1916-7 school year.