Top Songs of 1965; #8

freddie-and-the-dreamersThe next song to hit the top of the record charts in 1965 was “I’m Telling You Now” by Freddie and the Dreamers. The song was written by Freddie (yes, that Freddie) Garrity and Mitch Murray. Although the group had other songs that were popular, this was the only song that went to #1 in the US. The group’s act was based around the comic antics of the 5-foot-3-inch-tall Freddie Garrity, who would bounce around the stage with arms and legs flying. A later song, “Do the Freddie” told how to do the dance (or just see the video below). You would simply stand in place; then, in rhythm with the music first extend the left leg and left arm; then the right leg and right arm. Repeat. “Do the Freddie” only made it up the charts to the #18 position in June 1965.

The group changed many members over the years but continued with Freddie as the front man until December 2000. Freddie died in 2006.

I’m Telling You Now” was the number one song on both the Billboard Hot 100 and Cash Box record charts for the weeks of April 4 – 17.

Download songs by Freddie and the Dreamers (for under $1 ea.) from

WDYTYA – America Ferrera

64443_001.tifOn the next episode of  “Who Do You Think You Are?” (WDYTYA) America Ferrera sets out to search for a connection to her father, who left his family when she was just seven years old. America’s family came from Honduras in the mid 1970s and her father went back to Honduras. So the first time, WDYTYA travels to Honduras to help America explore her family. She finds out that her great grandfather left a job as a tax collector to join a military campaign to help the President’s party fend off a plot to overthrow them. The great grandfather became a General but eventually had to leave Honduras as the government changed.

This should be an interesting genealogical search as it will tell what kind of records are available in Honduras.

You will probably remember America for her title role in the TV series “Ugly Betty” which ran from 2006 to 2010. She won a Golden Globe Award,  a Screen Actors Guild Award and an Emmy Award for her portrayal as Betty Suarez. She has been a few movies but you may not know that she had been the voice on Astrid in two “How to Train Your Dragon” movies.

This episode of WDYTYA airs Sunday (Apr. 12) at 10 p.m. (eastern & western times) on the TLC channel.

Old News – Ladies

A couple of articles relating to women’s rights and opinions on the War in Europe.


Fairport, NY
Thursday, April 8, 1915


Victory in New York Encourages Its Advocates.

Secretary of State Hugo of New York, signing woman suffrage bill.

Secretary of State Hugo of New York, signing woman suffrage bill.

Throughout the Union wherever women have not the right to the vote the present year is regarded as one of the most important in the history of the woman suffrage movement. In New york, the most populous state, the male voters will register next fall their opinions on the question, according to the terms of a bill passed by the state legislature. The passage of the bill is considered a victory by the suffragists. Three other states will vote on the question next fall. They are Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and New jersey. In each case the enactment of a constitutional commandment granting the suffrage is involved. The voting will take place at the regular fall election.

In Arkansas the necessary stages for the submission of a suffrage amendment to the voters have been passed through. According to the constitution only three amendments to the constitution can be submitted at one time, and between the action of the senate and house a petition for a third amendment was filed with the secretary of state. This makes it necessary for the suffrage amendment to wait until 1916, in Tennessee the amendment must pass one more legislature before it goes to the people.


Women Will Not Use Anything That Has War Glamour.

A fight against the military note in spring fashions for women is planned by the Cleveland Circle of the Women’s Peace Party. Members of the party decline to lend their approval of the European conflict by wearing near military trappings.

“We shall ignore this fashion flurry by wearing our old clothes or waiting until the manufactures give us what we want,” said Mrs. Milton R. Schatz, official mouthpiece of the Cleveland circle.

Mrs. Frank M. Kimball, a member of the advisory council, believes that the acceptance of military modes is due to the glamour of war as reflected in the striking applications of buttons and braid.


Top Songs of 1965; #7

It is another group that was part of the “British Invasion” of 1965 to go to the top of one of the record charts in 1965. Herman’s Hermits had the top spot on the Cash Box record chart for the week of March 28 – April 3. On the Billboard Hot 100 chart the song only make it to the #2 spot. “Can’t You Be My Heartbeat” was written by John Carter and Ken Lewis from Britain.

This would be just the first of a string hit songs for the group. They will be back again with two more top songs in 1965. The group eventually broke up in 1971. Peter Noone (“Herman”) eventually began touring by himself. He is busier now than ever. See his website  for tour dates and locations. Peter also has a program on SiriusXM (satellite radio) channel “60s on 6″ entitled “Something Good” after Herman’s Hermits’ hit song, “I’m into Something Good.”

Download Herman’s Hermits songs (for a small fee) from

WDYTYA – Tony Goldwyn

Tony_Goldwyn_May_2014Next to explore their ancestors on Who Do You Think You Are? (WDYTYA) is Tony Goldwyn. Tony currently stars as the President of the US in the ABC drama Scandal. Way back in 1990 he was the villain in the movie Ghost. He even was voice of Tarzan in the Disney animated movie, Tarzan. Tony’s grandfather, Samuel Goldwyn, was the noted film producer and also the “G” in MGM studios. Tony’s father, Samuel Jr. was also a movie produce. Samuel Jr. just died a few months ago. Seeing as Tony knows his paternal line very well, he was interested in tracing his mother’s ancestors.

Tony goes to Oregon where his three-time great grandparents, Nathaniel and Mary Coe had to flee when an Indian war broke out. Previews show that Mr. Coe wrote an editorial defending the people of Oregon against the Indians. Mrs. Coe was also considered a “radical” because for was part of the cause for women’s rights. Tony also traveled to Albany, NY but I couldn’t find any details as to why he was there.

This episode airs tomorrow (April 5th) at 10 p.m. (eastern & western time) on the TLC channel.

Old News – Easter

A couple of articles related to Easter this Sunday. Easter Monday is celebrated in both England and Canada.


Friday, April 2, 1915

ad-1915-04-02Easter’s Date Depends on the Moon.

It is well known that Easter Sunday seldom, if ever, falls upon the same day of the month two years in succession. Indeed, it does not always appear in the same month, for, while its usually comes in March, this year it comes in April. This variation is traceable to the phases of the moon. Easter Sunday is always the first Sunday after the first full moon of spring. As spring begins on March 21, this means that Easter Sunday never comes earlier than March 21 or later than April 25.


In Warwickshire, England, Shakespeare’s home county, there was observed from ancient times a queer Easter custom known as “clipping the churches.” It is described by an old time writer as follows:

“When I was a child, as sure as Easter Monday came, I was taken to see the children ‘clip the churches.’ This ceremony was performed amid crowds of people and shouts of joy by the children of the different charity schools, who at a certain hour flocked together for the purpose. The first comers placed themselves hand in hand their backs against the church and were joined by their companions, who gradually increased in number till at last the chain was of sufficient length completely to surround the sacred edifice. As soon as the hand of the last of the train had grasped that of the first the party broke up and walked in procession to the other church (for in those days Birmingham boasted of but two), where the ceremony was repeated.”

Easter formerly witnessed many quaint customs in England, but most of them have died out in recent years.

Corrections to FSFT

About the year 2000 I submitted a GEDCOM with data on about 2400 people in my Wilklow family to the LDS Ancestral File. That data eventually was passed over to FamilySearch Family Tree (FSFT). Early last year I started going through all the data that I submitted to make corrections that I found over the years and updates of new information. I finally have finished that process.

As I went through each of the Wilklow family, I added sources that FamilySearch had in their “Record Hints.” Below is one record for Louis Wilklow where I ended up adding 13 sources. Most of those US and NY census records. One is a source for his marriage record extracted from the church record and another linked source from Find A Grave.


One branch of the Wilklow family moved to Ohio and those people have source citations from Ohio vital records that are on FamilySearch. Other members of the family have draft and military records as sources. I even ended up with a couple of divorce records as sources. Those are from other states as NY isn’t friendly about even sharing the dates of divorces.

Check out your family on FSFT and look at that box on the upper right, “Record Hints,” to see if there are some sources that you can add. I’ve only completed one branch of my family. Now I have to start on other branches of my family.


WDYTYA – Sean Hayes

seanhayesSean Hayes is the next person to investigate their ancestors on Who Do You Think You Are? (WDYTYA). Sean is best known for his role as Jack McFarland on the sitcom Will & Grace, for which he won an Emmy Award, four SAG Awards, and one American Comedy Award, and six Golden Globe nominations.

Sean’s father left the family when Sean was just 5, and they’re currently estranged. His father and his siblings were placed in an orphanage when at least one of their parents was still alive. Sean’s grandfather died at an early age on Chicago’s skid row. Going back another generation, Patrick Hayes came to the US from Ireland in 1901. Patrick’s father, also Patrick Hayes, was arrested for assault at the age of 21 and served time in a prison in Ireland under hard labor.

Not all family history is pleasant and this sure sounds like it will be an interesting journey for Sean and everyone watching this episode. WDYTYA airs Sunday, March 29th, at 10 p.m. (eastern and western time) on the TLC channel.