Fall 1962 TV Hit

A very unlikely hit, The Beverley Hillbillies premiered Sept. 26, 1962. It is the classic “fish out of water” story. The title song tells the story when Jed Clampett strikes oil while hunting. An oil company comes along and makes him an instant millionaire (actually $25 million). He is convinced to move to Beverley Hills …

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Channel 13 Anniversary Special

I’ve written a couple of times about the 50th anniversary of channel 13 here in Rochester. Tomorrow (Wed, Sept. 19th) they will have an hour long special that celebrates the station. Tune in and/or record the program at 8 p.m. Update Because of a postponed baseball game  being rescheduled for Wednesday; the anniversary program has …

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More Channel 13 History Videos

A couple of days ago I posted links to some short videos commemorating the 50th anniversary of Channel 13 here in Rochester. I found that they also have some longer videos available on-line. These tell the history of the station through the last 50 years. They run 2 to 3 minutes each. The embedded video …

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Channel 13 Anniversary

Channel 13 is celebrating it’s 50th year anniversary. They signed on Sept. 15, 1962 as WOKR. They were then and still are an ABC-TV affiliate. On Jan. 10, 2005 was the biggest change in the history of the station when they changed their call letters to WHAM.  They started broadcasting a digital signal in 2005 …

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WDYTYA; May 11

Jason Sudikis is a comedian known best as a cast member on Saturday Night Live. This week on Who Do You Think You Are?, he is in search of his paternal grandfather.  The preview mentions someone with two families. It also teases about an accident in a coal mine in Pennsylvania. It is known that …

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Hi-Yo Silver

I’ve been watching episodes of the old “Lone Ranger” TV show in the last month. It airs on a couple of  religious stations that I get on DishNetwork. One channel airs episode weekdays and the other channel puts the show on only during the weekend. It is a good fit for religious stations because of …

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