Fourth Generation

John & Hannah Wilklow's tombstones.

John & Hannah
Wilklow's tombstones.

99. John Wilklow was born about 1830 in Ohio. John entered the Army on Feb. 3, 1865 in Co. F, 191st Ohio Infantry. He was mustered out June 29, 1865 at Grafton, West Virginia. He died on 12 December 1865 in Bokes Creek, Logan Co., Ohio. He was buried at Good Hope Cemetery in Bokes Creek, Ohio.6

John Wilklow and Hannah Williams were married on 30 April 1854 in Logan Co., Ohio. Hannah Williams was born on 12 November 1836 in Logan Co., Ohio.3 She died of natural causes on 18 February 1920 in Bokes Creek, Ohio.3 She was buried on 21 February 1920 at Good Hope Cemetery in Bokes Creek, Ohio.3,6

John Wilklow and Hannah Williams had the following children:



Pheraby Jane Wilklow.



John Frederick Wilklow.



Sarah Amanda Wilklow was born in April 1860 in Bokes Creek, Ohio. In 1901 Sarah was brought before the Logan Co. court on the charge that she was insane. It seems she had been living in the woods in the town of Bokes Creek. The investigating doctor said she was unkempt and had a low attention span. The court declared her sane and released her. In 1927 Sarah's brothers John and Jonathan had Sarah declared legally dead because no one had seen her in ten years. She died of coronary sclerosis on 29 August 1953 at Cambridge State Hospital in Cambridge, Guernsey Co., Ohio.3 She was buried on 1 September 1953 at Old Washington Cemetery in Old Washington, Guernsey Co., Ohio.3

Census record
1910 (Florence, Boone Co., KY) Sarah, 50 Ohio is a servant to William Horace Goodridge family.



Mary Emmeline (Mollie) Wilklow.



Jonathan W. Wilklow.

Census records (from Bokes Creek, Ohio)
1860 John 31, Hannah 23, Pheraby 5, John 2, Amanda 2m
1870 William 33, Pheraby 14, Frederick 12, Sarah 10, Mary E. 8, Jonathan 4
1880 Hannah 43, Frederick 22, Sarah 20, Mary 18, Jonathan 14
1900 Anna 63, Sarah 40, Mary 37, Jonathan 34, Alden 15 (grandson)
1910 Hannah 73, Jonathen 44, Mary Emmaline 48
1920 Jonathan W. 44, Hannah 73, Mary E. 57, J. Alden 34