Seventh Generation

913. Goldie Mae Wilklow was born on 14 August 1908 in Grant Co., WI. She died on 2 August 1982 in Lancaster, Grant Co., WI. She was buried on 5 August 1982 in Mt. Ida, Grant Co., WI.

Goldie Mae Wilklow and Lynn Ruchti were married on 12 October 1927 in Galena, Daviess Co., IL. Lynn Ruchti was born ca. 1903.

Goldie Mae Wilklow-1873 and Lynn Ruchti-1976 had the following children:



Guy William Ruchti was born on 4 August 1928 in Grant Co., WI. Guy and June Pettit were married on 16 September 1949 in Lancaster, Grant Co., WI. They had a son and a daughter.



Delores Jean Ruchti was born on 25 August 1931 in Grant Co., WI. She married Jim Laxton and they had 5 children. Delores and Jay Patten were married on 8 September 1984 in Boscobel, Grant Co., WI.



Evelyn Wilma Ruchti was born on 7 February 1935 in Grant Co., WI. Evelyn and Ted Dodge were married on 14 July 1951 in Lancaster, Grant Co., WI. They had a daughter and four sons.



Mary Joanne Ruchti was born on 28 October 1937 in Grant Co., WI. She married Walter Mueller Jr. and they had a daughter.



Jerry Lynn Ruchti was born on 30 April 1941 in Grant Co., WI. Jerry and Sharon Knapp were married on 17 September 1960. They had three sons.



Pearl Ann Ruchti was born on 18 April 1945. Pearl and John Hughes were married on 26 December 1966. They had two children.