Third Generation

17. Catherine Wilklow was born on 1 April 1805 in New Paltz, Ulster Co., NY. She was baptized on 11 August 1805 in New Paltz, NY. She died in September 1866 in New Paltz, NY aged 61y 5m 24d. A death notice in a New Paltz newspaper says she died Sept. 26th 1866 in Springtown at aged 61 yrs. Tombstone says died Sept. 24th. Catherine was buried at Rosendale Cemetery in Rosendale, Ulster Co., NY.

Shadrach Morgan was born on 6 April 1800 in Lisbon, New London Co., Conn. Son of Edward Morgan (b in RI) and Thedo Steavens (b in CT). He died on 4 September 1885 in Rosendale, NY. He was buried at Rosendale Cemetery in Rosendale, NY.

Catherine Wilklow and Shadrach Morgan had the following children:

74i.Luther Morgan.
75ii.Jacob Morgan.
76iii.Stephen Decatur Morgan.
77iv.Dwight Eugene Morgan.
78v.William Morgan was born in 1828. His wife, Lucy Lounsbury was born about 1836.

They had these children; Mary E. (1854-1922), Harriet Isabella (1855-1919), Charles Pelton (1857-1930), Lenora Pauline (b. abt. 1859), William Edwin (1861-1937), George Messerve (1862-1938), John (b. 1864), Ann Capitola (1866-1954), Milo Shadrach (b. 1868), Lucy Emogene (b. 1870), Harry Elmer (1873-1889), an infant (b. 1875) , Frederick VanBuren (1877-1948).

79vi.Mary Morgan was born in 1830.
80vii.Frederick Morgan was born about July 1833 in New York State. Frederick and Phebe Ann Craig were married on 11 December 1856 at New Paltz Reformed Church in New Paltz, NY. He was living in Rosendale at the time of his marriage. His sister, Almira, was a witness at his marriage. Frederick died on 8 August 1904 in Rosendale, NY aged 71y 1m. He was buried at Rosendale Cemetery in Rosendale, NY.
81viii.Elmira Morgan was born about 1837 in New York State. She married Dewitt H. Winchell who was born about 1837.
82ix.Isaac Morgan was born about 1845 in New York State.
83x.John Morgan was born on 3 December 1848 in New Paltz, NY.

Census records
1830 (Covington, NY) 2m(under 5), 1m(30-39), 1f(20-29)
1840 (Bethaney, NY) 1m(5-10), 2m(10-15), 1m(40-49), 1f(30-39)
1850 (New Paltz, NY) Shadrich 50, Cate 45, Frederick 16, Elmira 13, Isaac 5, John 1
1860 (Rosendale, NY) Shadrack 59, Catharine 55, John 11
1870 (Rosendale, NY) Shedrick 70 with his daughter Elmira
1880 (Rosendale, NY) Schadrac 80 with his daughter Elmira