Fifth Generation

340. Linson Wilklow was born on 7 February 1884 in Stone Ridge, Ulster Co., NY.30 Linson was in the Army in World War I and was inducted June 28, 1917 in Ellenville, NY and was discharged May 9, 1919. His military records say he was 5'4" with blue eyes, brown hair and a ruddy complexion. He died after January 1927.

Linson Wilklow and Genevieve Erts were married on 20 August 1919 in Woodbourne, Sullivan Co., NY. Genevieve Erts was born about 1901 in Woodbourne, Sullivan Co., NY.

Linson Wilklow and Genevieve Erts had the following children:



Charlotte A. Wilklow was born about 1921 in Ellenville, Ulster Co., NY.



Genevieve Wilklow was born on 12 July 1922 in Ellenville, NY. She was born on 19 July 1922 in Ellenville, NY.30



Mary M. Wilklow was born on 29 July 1924 in Ellenville, NY. She and William Simpson had two daughters.



Paul Martin Wilklow was born on 25 August 1926 in Ellenville, NY.3 He died on 20 January 1927 in Ellenville, NY.3 He was buried on 22 January 1927.3

Census records (from Ellenville, NY)
1920 (96 Canal St.) Linson 33, Genevieve 18
1925 (Clifford St.) Linson 40, Genevieve 23, Charlotte A. 4, Genevieve 2, Mary M. 353 days
1930 (1 Clifford Ave.) Jack 44, Genevieve M. 30, Charlotte A. 9, Genevieve M. 7, Mary M. 5